***NEW 4TH TUNE*** This Place Is Death

Started by Season 8, February 17, 2009, 08:53:07 PM

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Season 8

I went for a more dark/ambient trance tune, I prefer to post it here as it is more suited to trance than experimental. Comments as always appreciated



I like it, you`ve gone for a much darker style with this one, sounds very underground and experimental.

You`re work is coming along very nicely indeed, i reckon you`ll be a really cool producer within a few months mate.
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Listening now mate.

Nice bumpy intro, very Electro-esque. Nice strings too.

Wow, good subtle beat and strings again; very dark sounding.

I enjoyed it mate good work, I agree with DarkBliss.

Also mate do you have a YouTube channel? Helps us keep in contact with eachother and keep our songs in one place.

Season 8

Thanks dude, yeah I have a youtube account, I havent put my tunes to any vids yet though, but I do like this tune, a break from the upbeat style that I'm used to

Season 8

Season 8

I bumped this topic to reupload the tune, I would really love some feedback on this

.:DJ Droppin:.

Ah crap the file is corrupted... Can you upload it again perhaps?
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