The Lyricist is back with a brand new track - The Resurrection

Started by Season 8, July 15, 2009, 03:09:05 PM

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Season 8

I say hot damn its good to be back! Heres my new track, surely I had to do something with 2 months downtime didn't I? This is original, and it's a totally different sound. See if you can spot the follow on ;)

Sacred Virgo

welcome back. for some strange reason i can't download the song

Season 8

Season 8


Nice to see you create a totally original song mate. I like it at about 1.40 in when the beat changes, nice use of sounds throughout, you`re making nice progress, just stick at it.

Well done dude.
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Not a Number

I've noticed a lot of "rebirth"-like titles around TIMGUL lately.. (hell, even I'm guilty of that with one in the works. :P)

Song itself isn't too bad. I guess you're only starting on the whole "making my own riffs" which - let's be honest - we've all had to go through.

It's difficult to describe this track... it's got a sort of weirdness to it that makes it quite catchy.
No doubt I'll have the tune to this stuck in my head. :D

and I definitely agree with JohnP.. this is more experimental than techno. :-/

Season 8

Well thanks for the comments guys, I was looking for some kind of new sound and its nice to know its catchy enough to stick in peoples heads haha I just wanted to get something really good out there considering my downtime and I wanted to show I was doing something with it rather than sitting around with my thumb up my ass the whole time!


Hey Lyricist, good to hear some new material.

Intro was a little strange lol, very empty but it led in to portions of bass and vocals which was an interesting progression. As the track went on I agree that it was very experimental, very robotic. Your other tracks have the same sort of sound which is cool, you have a very unique construction method to your songs and you seem to enjoy lower samples and basslines. My sub rumbles from it which is good, it needs a dosage of heavy bass every now and then lol. I will agree with Nak on a criticism, with the strings just pounding in. Experiment with fading them in and out and things like this. Overall it was very interesting mate and it's good to see you playing around with the software a lot more. Do you have any others on the way?

Season 8

Yeah I have 2 more set up and ready to go......but not just yet haha

.:DJ Droppin:.

starts out slow..... picks up a lot. very almost 'soul' sound to the bass guitar...
like your inventive creative panning with those sound effects.
as usual the beat pounds hard.
Ah 4:15 is my favorite part. :)
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