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Started by creatormusic, October 23, 2009, 08:50:17 AM

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Hello music creators!  8)

This is a song i've made a long time ago with KeithSonic (Smates)

right mouse click > save target as (downloading will start in background and will open suddenly in a minute... be patient, the link works)

This song is made with Music2000 for the PSX. For the rithm we used a sample of the Chemical Brothers :P. we slowed down that rithm.

I hope u will enjoy :)

Greets from CreatorMusic :)

.:DJ Droppin:.

Liking the panned drum beat....

:12 melody kicks in....
:17 another... Oh yeah I like this a lot.
:35 strings... I LIKE STRINGS!  :o
1:00 very nice... A lot of "feel" to it...

2:00 is my fav part by far.... This is superb.
Nicely done with a wonderful atmosphere created.
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