MUSIC GENERATOR 3 - Jack The Ripper (grebz dubstep mix)

Started by Grebz, November 27, 2009, 04:54:55 PM

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ok made this in only 2hours(ish), i got some wobble bass samples from, check it out if u dont know about it heres the link, to download the samples just sign up with this u either need good bassy speakers on ur pc/laptop or just download the track and put it on cd and blast ou from stereo speakers, the vocals say check the rythem but sometimes sounds like jack the ripper so if u hear either then thats why, i 4got to upload it on megauload so just wait 30mins for the download, and the HD will be on next week sometime


play in HD (on my other channel)
(this will be added later)

download the video @ megauload(takes a while 2mins long)

download mp3 @ megaupload (very quick)

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