MUSIC GENERATOR 3 - What The Fuck (grebz rap remix)

Started by Grebz, November 27, 2009, 04:58:31 PM

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i made this just now it only took 2hours to make, its a rap remix of Low-E Vs Alter Egosz - WTF (hardstyle track), it started of as a mess about while i waited for someone and it turned better than i could of imagined, the original if u reconise it is a hardstyle track, this is a rap/hip hoppish track, but its chilled too and has a good hard beat, download it then put it on cd and blast it out, cos thats how i made it


play in HD (on my other channel)
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download the video @ megauload(takes a while 3mins long)

download mp3 @ megaupload (very quick)

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