Living Is Easy - New Tune (Remix of Exclusive To Living)

Started by Season 8, December 04, 2009, 01:00:23 AM

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Season 8

Another fresh new tune for you off my brand new remix album, I spoil you guys!!!


Great remix mate, although I have to agree with Tertiary, the kicks are a tad too loud.

Overall though excellent work, you`re still making great progress, keep it up!  ;)
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Casper AudioGhost

this is opretty inventive  like i said on yer other reprise remix of this track u are a born producer-don't let lack of interest get ya down    casper
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And I missed this one too......

alright listening...

Okay ... that same trippy and really cool backwards percussion and pads. You ever scratched? I can picture you doing so with the full gear and everything.

Holy shit.. 1:24 wasn't prepared for that... Massive bass...  :D that woke me up!
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