Lyricist New - Let Me Show You Some Of The Things We Can Do featuring Dark Bliss

Started by Season 8, December 24, 2009, 03:14:37 AM

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Season 8

Hopefully this will generate some good comments, feedback etc! It's a massive distance from what I usually do, but this 2nd album is all about experimenting. We went for a good beat, I won't tell you who did what. That's up to you to figure out, but basically we just did a tune that's not monumental in quality, but it gets there and it is what it is I suppose.

Season 8

I used Audacity to clean it up a little, make a bit more sound shift. Not sure if this is what I'm going for in the future, could be depending on reception. As for the collab, well it was discussed on the spot really. A visit never hurts! When it comes to future collabs, it may happen, it may not, all depending on Bliss's schedule and stuff. Thanks for the comment though man.


I`m gonna be honest as I`ve told you again and again, this isn`t a collab. It was just me showing you the basics of Music 2000 so please stop putting my name in your titles you ass.  ;)

Anyway, the tune itself is, in my opinion, your best yet. Once you get used to the more technical side of M2K and realise just what is possible with it, you`ll be busting out tunes like theres no tomorrow.

Awsome voice sample mate, works really well.

Excellent stuff.
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Season 8

Cheers man, besides you made the beat and part of the melody so what can I say really? But cheers mmmmmmaaaaannnn!


I know I made the beat and part of the melody, but I was just giving you an ultra quick tutorial on how to do it, its not a collab so take my name away.
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012

Season 8

Casper AudioGhost

wow-i'm really digging this track guys:)-it sounds really cool with the panning and that bass is fucking rockin around 230 that wild metal perc syth is killer-excellent old skool vibe cheers might i say that the bass arps remind me of my own thx for posting keep yer chin up   casper
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Sacred Virgo

since you seem to be interested in receiving suggestions other than normal feedback, let me give you some. the main melody is pretty good, that is a soft key c3/c4 i guess. well that riff cries out for a dancey bassline to accompany it; the 'dancer' bass sample is always the best choice in these cases but there are other good bass samples which can be effective.
then i recommend to use a crash cymbal sample (class crash, long mute, crash expected etc) for the transitions between a riff and another, also 'backwards' cym might help. the soft key sample needs a tad more reverb. the phaser effect you applied here and there is nice. try to reduce a bit the volume of the ride cymbal sample. watch out for the popping effect afflicting the bassline. i also recommend to add some pads, since the overall sound is a bit empty if you know what i mean. ask bliss how to create a great string arrangement to accompany the lead melody, he's a master at creating harmonies for strings. i like a lot the vocal sample.

i hope you find this useful :)

Season 8

.:DJ Droppin:.


Like the kick right away....
:14 nice percussion/snare
Like the vocal sample leading to the next section
Nice panning on the synth here.... Suits the beat/flow perfectly
1:59 transition to just the melody panning about and snare seems to stand out nicely to me
Unsure of the sound at 2:35 - 2:45 maybe more so the fact I wasn't expecting it
One the beat kicks in with it though it is fine

I like the difference in bass at the ending... wasn't expecting that, but it was cool.
Sure does sound different than your usual stuff. I think the strong points were the beat/kick and percussion. The vocal samples were great and not using them excessively probably suited this song more so than using than more often or chopping them.
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DJ Ryznup

Has a great beat to it and I like the panning melodies. The slight change in tone at 2:35 was nice, went from cheerful to trippy. Cool percussion at 4:25. Has a nice original sound to it. Cool work.

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