Do It Yourself Porno Music (Christopher Walken's Weapon of Choice Mix)

Started by J-MACHine, April 16, 2010, 12:25:53 PM

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As a little bonus, i'm posting one of the tracks on my first "album" (More a compilation of songs i consider B-Sides, a few of which have already been posted, but go under different names), "This is Who i Am".

This is acctually a ReMix of a song a close friend of mine had made using Garageband, a tounge-in-cheek ditty called Do It Yourself Porno music. It was part of a little album she'd thrown together, and had acctually sent to me via the mail on my last birthday. I decided to return the favour by not only finally finishing This is Who i Am (even if i had to throw on tracks that had no proper home, like Chilling Air, Dead Line, and D.I.Y P.I.'s, as just 3 examples), but ReMixing a song from her album, and sticking it on mine as the cherry on top, if you will. I decided to go for something Chemical Brothers/Fatboy Slim-esque, seeing as they've both had massive influences on my musical style over the years. I also added in claps and crowd noises to give it a sort-of "live" feel, purely for the sake of novelty. And the overall cheesiness of it all.

Sadly, i didn't notice i hadn't "fixed" the acoustic bass to remove the pop's and clicks until AFTER i'd recorded the file, and deleted the original. My slip up.
Also, as for why it's named "Christopher Walken's Weapon of Choice Mix", listen out for an instrument featuring in both the original and the ReMix. If you're internet savy or have seen a certain Saturday Night Live skit, you'll get it. It also ties in with the fact that the ReMix was Fatboy Slim-esque in nature, which i'm posetive a couple of you'll get, at least.

Because i'm nice, i included the original song, as well, just so you get to know what source material i was working with.
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