Raggedy beat

Started by Master Dutch, August 30, 2010, 05:42:00 PM

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Master Dutch



nice beat.  im luvin dat melody and how everything is put together. very creative

.:DJ Droppin:.

Damn.... SICK beat. Excellent use of samples.
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This is awesome! I can totally hear this in an Adult Swim bump. Rock on!

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Master Dutch

Thanks for the comments guys!

Fear 2 Stop®

 Holy hell that is a sweet groove. What did you use (program/samples)? Was this MG2, because parts sound like the Gorillaz track (NOT Clint Eastwood...the other one).

Putting this one on my IPod...
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Master Dutch

MTVMG2000PC is all I use. Thanks bro for the listen!


Argh, damnit, more of that Trip-Hop, Slow Groove insanity that you're so damn excellent at producing, here. I fucking love it, mate, catchy as hell. And the BEAT. Jesus, and you think I'VE made some good beats in my time. Mate, i ain't got SHIT on this!
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