Bust-A-Groove (Jam Packed Remix) - Remixed By ::CMG (UTOPIA)::

Started by ::CMG (UTOPIA)::, September 17, 2010, 04:24:34 PM

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Love this game... first rhythm game I played and it's still a classic to me to this day.  This is a remix of Kitty-N's stage.  Hope you enjoy.



i like ur style, dis is bad-ass.  luv those complex melodies, very pro shit. btw...welcome to timgul, and im lookin forward to hearing more of ur songs.

Casper AudioGhost

wow-this is really cool-i love older dance styles which are also my specialty and i love that bust a move music-u got real skills-it's a pleasure to have u here sharing this awesome music,i will surely include you in my next renegades of timgul dj mix-more more more please!!!                                                      casper
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