Beautiful Death (Mastered)

Started by DarkBliss, November 14, 2010, 01:49:34 AM

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I`ve been working really hard trying to get my head around the mastering side of things over the last few weeks and so here is the mastered version of Beautiful Death.

Does it sound ok?

If so I`m going to master my other finished track "Way Out" in the same way and then crack on with the rest of the album.

Thanks. :D
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012


Wish I could be some help here man... to my ears it sounds on the money ( but if you've listened to the production levels on my tracks you'll know not to take my word on this though )

But the track though , in a brief summary -  I enjoyed every second of that mate. I listen to alot of Classical , film scores mostly.
This was right up my street. Such an amazing piece of music mate.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Does it sound okay?



Holy tits on a Mouse! Does         it            sound         OKAY

WOW yes. Sure sounds different from I remember. A lot more "digital/computerized sound", but done professionally. So remarkably clean. Top notch.
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