The Others

Started by Jerbas, May 20, 2011, 03:03:10 PM

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a track i made ealier last year, forgive me for the clicks and pops xD  I am plagued by them.

I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.

DJ Eddy

Yo man that's a very cool indeed .....Love the organ sounds in the intro and the beat is brilliant..
The 2nd beat was my fav bit..its top class man..its a beat and a half..the panning on it was good too.
defo thumbs up from me..
I know what u mean by the popping does the same to me too..
Cant wait to hear more from ya m8..


Brilliant atmosphere from the organ , nice an dark . I agree with Eddy on this...the drum on the is brilliant.
Very nice addition of the sub bass. Yeah , would definately like to hear more.