Started by Jerbas, May 20, 2011, 03:18:41 PM

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Don't as me how, but this song was inspired heavily by the Video game - Red Alert 3 - :D


I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.

DJ Eddy

Very very cool....i completed red alert 3 but got my ass kicked big time online lol...
the claps reminds me of it...nice vocals pretty funny...
oh great bass and piano is good...
Enjoyed that thnx..


Sadly I don't think I've played this game.

lol Like the Obama sample.
Interesting drum pattern with the toms.
Very nice work with the bass and piano...is that hitler at the end ? lol
I really enjoyed that...was really sorta quirky in a sorta game soundtrack sorta sense.


That is indeed the Fuhrer xD  Although i do not support the man one bit, his oration was too astounding not to include in that last bit of the track.  I needed that drama.  Fitting for the pseudo-era of ra3.  I knew i wanted to use a speech when making the track, and that famous hitler one just sort of popped up and fit quite well
I like noise.  I don't know what Genre it is.