Techno Revolution

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 08, 2007, 12:40:36 AM

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Artist: DJ Omnimaga
Title: Techno Revolution
Year: 2004
Sample rate: 128kbps
Comments: A never finished song from back in January 2004 when my MTV Music Generator CD broke, halting my music production for almost 3 years. The current result could be considered as finished as it was one of my most dedicated work back then (and my last one until the end of 2006), but the song is a bit less than 2 minutes long. If you liked Firestorm Trance Remix and Chaos Inside Me you should like this one!


wow this is amazing i wish you were still here!!!!

.:DJ Droppin:.

Ahhh thing brings back memories..... A master at chords = you. Funny to hear the pre-made riffs  :D but many of us used them back in 2004 and beyond.
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