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Started by DarkBliss, May 07, 2008, 07:19:29 PM

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Just thought I`d let you all know you probably won`t be seeing me around here for the next few weeks, I`m moving out and the internet`s getting cut off this Friday.

I`ll be back as soon as my new internet account`s set up though, in the mean time.....happy creating!

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I can't wait to see you back! :) I hope everythings go well for you


hi guys, i have also moved and have a very weak internet connection at the mo!
however by next week i will have a better connection and be active as usual...
funny how everyones moving at the mo..! nice to see new members here...
speak to you all soon and i'll be listening to new tracks also!  :)


yeah it seems like april/may is the month where everyone are moving. For the province where I live (Quebec, in Canada) everybody moves on July 1st. Lot of trucks in the streets and parkings that day x.x

I hope to see you back soon :)

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that is weird. O.o

thats why i havnt been on is cause i moved to washington.  :o

i use to only get to use internet for like a hour every week and i spent that on Myspace.

But now i got internet so i'll be here a lot more.
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well im off to glastonbury today, so i'll see y'all next week...
its gonna be good fun, i just hope it doesnt rain!
so until then, ciao!  :)


cool, see you then :) I hope you have fun :)