spacekid - cartoon heroes 2008

Started by spacekid890, May 19, 2008, 11:41:22 PM

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got some new tunes i was in a hyperactive mood and came up with these two in the same night hope u guys like cheers ;D


hmmm im intrigued by the title...
wow lovin the 4/4 at the start...
this is awesome! i love the guitar... ive said it before, you are like a merge of daftpunk and prodigy...

.:DJ Droppin:.

Again this is a style I am not familiar with, but this is done nicely. I like the transition at 1:21
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.


cheers ;D The name came from the video i made for this tune,it had lots of classic 80s cartoon charcters like transformers,thundercats,he-man but i deleated it accadently and havnt had time to start it again but the name stayed. will get round to doing the vid agian and will be on youtube soon ;D



i got hooked here, like your tracks,i listened to them all what can i say,,   bazzare, head banging, moody,sometimes indiferent,jumbled,mind bending,twisted,sci fi sounding,futuristic,gothic,scary and funny,
thanks man,