spacekid - eclipse (spacekid remix) 2008

Started by spacekid890, July 06, 2008, 05:00:30 PM

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i dont thinkthis is the best remix in the would but its got something about it think. so if any one else wants to remixitfeel free,hope u like ;D

Casper AudioGhost

just listened and i must say,cool remix spacekid :)                casper
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ah cool a new spacekid tune!
awesome kickdrum... percussion is top!
as always really good production values. this tune is toe tapping!
i think this is one of my favs from you. real dancey number.
10/10... everything was perfect. lovin it!


it,s a verry nice catchy song, good solid beats

using more reverb, and you get more feelings about the eclips, ;)
and makes it intenser

good work!


very nice. I think with some more reverb, especially the beginning, it would sound even deeper :)

DJ Ryznup

Recently listened to original Eclipse and really liked it, great and emotional sounding track.
This one is great as well, great beat and nice bass to go along with the surreal sounding strings of the orignal version.

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Easily one of my favorite tracks from you, this one. It sounds like something that came off of a more recent Ridge Racer soundtrack.
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