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when i played this track yesterday while playing Unreal Tournament 3, i could not stop listening to it.  U FUCKIN NAILED DIS TRACK DUDE (no pun intended).  everything sounded perfect, but i really luved that chime sound that comes in at 0:43, that bass at 1:10, and that piano riff at 5:01. like wat dreadspawn said..."catchy as hell".  i had to put this on repeat and just let it play over and over again.  nice work coordman.
@arcanefuture - u were right the first time ("Yeah, can see why you disowned the track..") lol.  i have every reason to disown this...this...BLASPHEMY :).  its just not the dark, twisted, zodiac style im known for and it hurts so fuckin bad lol.  but anyhoo, thanx arcane, glad u like it.
House/disco / Re: [DANCE] Braindance
July 01, 2011, 10:41:37 PM
I...FUCK...ING...LUV...THIS...FUCK...ING...TRACK...O...M...F...G!!!!!!!  i was listening to dat Renegade Mix, and when dis track played (mind u now, i wasn't on da internet, so i didn't see the tracklist and couldn't remember it) i said "oh yea...this is definitely J-MACHine"...then i went on a world wide hunt (via...that huge collection u posted up) for dis track.   now that i found it, i cant stop listening to it.
this is my official Rainbow Six Vegas theme.  i fuckin luv it!!
no prob bro...there's no rush.  i was dealing with the same thing with this track, that buzz was driving me insane (i have to find out how to fix that).
U know wats crazy...when dj droppin said he was gonna bring back "Artist of the Month", i had a strong feeling it was gonna be Dj Eddy.  CONGRATS MAN!!! WEELLLLLLL DESERVED!!!!!!
thanx to u yall, im glad yall enjoyed it. 

i was thinkin bout putting an end to my experimenting and go back to horrorcore (simply because i miss it), but there's still some styles i haven't fuckin wit yet (ive experimented wit rave, rock, (this), dubstep (i still questioning da genre of "1bowl 1spoon 1cup & 1round", and "Ruptured Hydronium"), industrial (with could pass off as horrorcore tho), speedcore, and mainstream style hip hop (unfortunately).  but idk...i just have to see wat happens.

(subliminal message backwards) ...swonk ohw kcart bnd a htiw krow thgim tsuj i... 

btw...i will post up some horrorcore tracks (once i finish them) that ive been working on/neglected in da mist of my experimenting.
Quote from: ????????[¤¤] on June 30, 2011, 01:16:12 PM

Weird how some days you can feel lost and be like " I can't write anything , nothings coming " and other weeks you just can't seem to stop yourself.

i know wat u mean, that's happened to me about 3 to 4 times lol.  but anyways...luv this track dude, fuckin impressive.  that "long horn" adds that extra bit of epicness to it (and it's stuck in my head :) ).
like wat knowlesy said, i can definitely hear that 80's sound in this track.  luv the bass line, sfx, and (of course) drumwork (u can pretty much tell that im a big fan of u drumwork...i'll just point out other elements in ur tracks that i really luv for now on cuz im starting to sound hella repetitive lol).  great work arcane.
oh yea, that piano work is without a doubt your best yet.  very nice track knowlesy.
thanx guys.
@eddy - I've actually made a dnb track a while ago, but its loaded with premade riffs.  so for quite some time now, ive been thinking about making another one but idk.

@coordman - 1.  I would've made this track longer, but mg3 made me lazy lol.  on mg3 i can just highlight everything and paste it, but on mg2 i have to constantly paste everything one by one and it got on my nerves :)
2: I was orginally gonna come up with a good name for this track, but since i placed this as a disclaimer, eventhough i made this track, i went ahead and called it...well...[DISCLAIMER] Eventhough I made this Track lol.  Trust me, if i took this track as seriously as i do the rest of my music, i would have given it a better name.  I'm actually thinkin bout changin the name tho (probably somethin like "Sky High", or "7th Horizon"...or just goin along with ur suggestion cuz thats a good title :)
WELL, THE CROWD HAS SPOKEN!!!! SO HERE IT IS!!!...unfortunately lol.  This track has alot of J-MACHine inspiration (since I've been listening to his music a whooole lot here lately).  The flute melody and the low strings in the background are premade riffs, but everything else is all me (which is weird, cuz i never really was good with melody, expect for dark piano riffs).  I went ahead and put Dj Cneulic as my alias for this track, because i couldn't bear to have this listed as a Zodiac production lol.  But anyhoo...ENJOY.

btw...there is a lil distortion at the beginning that i couldn't figure out how to fix (not even Audacity's Noise Removal option could fix it).  there's something wrong wit my ps2's a/v cables.
WELL...The crowd has spoken.  I will be uploading that disgrace. 
@Eddy - lol, yea u got a point there :)
@Coordman- Alright bro, u got a deal.
@Koolassjoe- OH GOD NO lol.  its a big change of style, but not that big of one :).
lol thanx knowlesy
Both of these track are too sick, but the one i really cant stop listening to is Watercolour (i fuckin luv it). 
oh...(2 more btw's) 1.  that first vote was mine. So I you really wanna hear it, I wont count it.  But If you don't wanna hear it, i would gladly count my vote in lol.  2:  @fear2stop: eventhough i finally made a track using mg2, i was wondering if u could still upload that tutorial (of course if u feel like pressure and no rush at all :) ).
thanx guys

@knowesly: lol, its funny how you pointed that out.  every time i listen to dis, the dark carnival from Left 4 Dead 2 keeps popping up in my head :)
NOTE:  If you've seen my Facebook status you'll know what I'm talking about.

As you all know, I've been doing two things: Experimenting with different genres and going through hell and hot water trying make music using MG2.  Well after I was fucking around with shit on MG2, I finally made a decent track....BUT it is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of my style (which was a total accident).  I kid you not, if my profile name didn't show up when I posted up a track, you wouldn't even recognize it was a ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE production.  Even though it sounds good, I feel so weird when I listen to it.  SO NOW I ASK YOU!!!  SHOULD I UPLOAD?

I'm leaning towards the NO region, cuz it's not the DARK, DEMENTED, ZODIAC style we're all familiar with.  (btw...I know I've posted up a light track before (KUSH N DRANK), but it's far more heart breaking then that one.  It's more like...clutching myself in a corner in fetal position, banging my head against the wall while screaming "WHAT HAVE I DONE!! WHY MUST THIS BE!!)