ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE Beats (different styles)

Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, May 04, 2011, 03:45:35 AM

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Which one of these tracks should be my next post?

I Want Your Corpse
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Sick Fuxz
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0 (0%)
0 (0%)
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Killer Eyes
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Specter In The Night
0 (0%)
Red Flag
0 (0%)
Just Coastin'
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1 (50%)
0 (0%)
1 (50%)

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This is just a mixture of different styles of beats I've worked on (from different styles of horrorcore to different genres).  ENJOY

DJ Eddy

I certainly did ENJOY mate...Theres some wicked beats in this..
I love the hi hat work all ur songs..
Id have to say the techno stuff was my fav, the bit at 6.40 had my body popping. never heard Hip hop like that b4..
porncore lol that cracked me up...

Great music Z


thanx eddy, glad u enjoyed it.  that pornocore made me laugh too, i had fun makin that one (thinkin bout makin another).  btw...check out da poll.  u can vote if u want.


Damn...this is a gonna be a tough one (voting wise at least)

First I was like - I Want Your Corpse = Awesome. Then Misanthrope came on blast beating its way into my ear drums.
And then Genital Corrosion with that awesome bass/sfx work was eargasmic.  AND THEN - Saughter... :) .
AND THEN - Specter in The night...which I think so far is gonna clinch it for me. DUDE - Kush N Drank HAS to be done that melody snippet was AMENSE!
LOL ! Porncore " All N Yo Mouth " even the title is awesome. The techno rave is brilliant Z " To The Max " is like something straight off the Matrix soundtrack. The 1bowl , 1spoon , 1cup and 1room was just...I had to wipe the jism from the side of my ears...love the sound you got with that Z.

Song Title - Porncore (All N Yo Mouth) ... lol
Songs YOU NEED TO DO ! - Specter In The Night , Kush N Drank and 2 The Max (would add 1bowl , 1spoon , 1cup & 1 room but
I think I saw it posted )
Vote - Kush N Drank


thanx knowlesy.  btw...kush n drank is already posted up, (plus a few others including "2 Tha Max").  I was gonna post this up on youtube only, but i had to post it up here :).  thanx again

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