ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE - Exoskeleton (demo) [INDUSTRIAL]

Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, June 22, 2011, 07:25:35 PM

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After looking at the new GameInformer cover (Darksiders II) i had to make a beat that would fit that picture of Death.  So here it is. btw...the panning might be off a little bit; I really don't use panning that much. I've only used it twice ("Foltersektion" and this) so i suck at syncing it right, but imma fix that flaw when i finish it. Also,  Imma try to finish/upload the full version pretty soon...only if i can keep myself from working on something new lol.  ENJOY!!!

(oh what the hell...since i just mentioned it, I might as well post up Foltersektion too.)


Sweet tapdancing jesus, man. This is incredible. Straight out of Reznor's lost tracks. These tracks would seem completely at home on Ghosts. Amazing. I don't know how you squeeze this this kind of sound out of MG, but keep up the great work!
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thanx coordman.  even i was surprised how these tracks turned out, especially Exoskeleton :)


Totally in agreement with Coordman. Very NIN Z...I'm not gonna water this down so I'm just gonna come out an say it.
The beat in exoskeleton , the pattern , the sfx...if fucking sick. You know somethings up when the beat itself is evil as fuck.

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