Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, May 18, 2011, 05:21:12 AM

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Once again i mixed the fl studio preset sequence "hydronium" in my music (i love that sequence).  The first song is a techo (i think trance) beat i made in Fl Studio 9 a while ago using the hydronium sequence called...well..."HYDRONIUM", and the second song is a beat i made yesterday where that hydronium sequence met its demise with some hardcore MTV MG3 sickness called "RUPTURED HYDRONIUM".  It's the same style as "1bowl 1spoon 1cup and 1round" (i still dont kno wat it is tho but i think it's Dubstep).  Anyways  ENJOY!!


HYDRONIUM (Techno Beat) - I NEED to get FL Studio...brilliant Z , I love the more melodic stuff the pop out from time to time as
as well as your devilbeatz...definately not a one trick pony. Fantastic work with the all the sounds mate.
Ruptured Hydronium - Fuck-ing-hell...that bass is a demon. This is Devilstep. 1:58 is FAN-TASTIC , the bass pounding away and the synth melody from Techno remix. Its so insane. The ending (fade out with the synth melody) is just eargasmic.

DJ Eddy

I'm damn impressed Z..Hydronium was Sweet as a nut m8..shows ur ability to make all sorts of tracks..
In Ruptured hydronium that bass is bad-ass Z..i like what u done with the beats, the change in them is a good idea....
good stuff Z