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No weirder than some of Reznor's own remixes!
Seriously, though, this is excellent - surprising close to the feel of the original, but with your own mark - great job!
Thanks guys!  :D
Never have played Earthworm Jim or Toejam & Earl, though. Nearest I got to a Sega was a mate's Megadrive at Uni playing Sonic and basketball. (I was a Commodore Amiga addict, and on reflection I think T&E might have been released for the Amiga, but it must have passed me by.)
@Coordman - Cheers, really must find the time to check them out more thoroughly!
MUSIC series discussion / Re: M2k samples
July 01, 2011, 10:45:37 PM
Hi, I'm not sure how the samples are actually stored on the CD, so it may not be possible to take them off without actually sampling the sounds...
On the legal side, I think you're probably okay - see this topic:,3992.msg18280.html#msg18280

I've never heard of a samples pack either, I'm afraid.
Good luck!
Yeah, can see why you disowned the track...
Nah, only joking mate, though I understand your sentiments - often when I write something I find not to my taste, I just leave it to fester and hope I'll come back to it (usually a dirt bassline or dark drone does the trick!)
As for the tune - intro - could be sample used, some are slightly dodgy with background noise or something that appears if you compress the track in mastering or perhaps the saved version of the tune has screwed around with the panning or envelope settings (I problem I've encountered periodically)?
Anyways, there is some really nice percussion going on, plus the lead melodies and I really like the one that comes in at 2:14.
Not sure which are the premade riffs (since I never use any), but it seems to me you wrote all the strongest stuff in the track, so good work!

@Coordman - Good point! I only ever heard 'Birdhouse In Your Soul', but really liked it. (Don't think the band were ever that big in the UK.) Reminds me of UK group 'The La's' whose tune 'There She Goes' gets played anywhere and everywhere as its assumed to just be about a woman, but is (pretty obviously) about drugs! (NB I just checked Wickipedia and apparently it was covered recently by Sixpence None The Richer.)
Glad I can be the first to offer congrats, Eddy - well deserved! I've been enjoying digging through the back catalogue and will definitely listen to the others mentioned.
Cheers, man; I'd say your repetition is virtue though!  :D
I guess I would have to admit to certain amount of '80s influence - after all I was first into pop music in 1987 when I was 13 (will be a bloody pensioner soon!).
Introductions / Re: Bonjour ! (French hello)
June 28, 2011, 10:51:28 PM
Welcome to the board!
Shame your old tracks have been lost :(  - but I think we've all lost at least the odd one or two at some point! As my brother says - don't worry you will always write something better before too long.
Another track from my (forthcoming) second album - this time on a more funky tip. Comments invited as always.
Thanks, man, am pretty pleased with this one - did often consider remixing other tunes of the disc, but somehow making original stuff tends to be more rewarding.
Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Casper Audio Ghost
June 24, 2011, 10:02:21 PM
Fantastic track - the endless teasing of the intro makes the kick-in at 2:00 all the more satisfying and I'm impressed by the sheer volume of subtle variations on the main theme with different sounds that all seem to work brilliantly!
Thanks, Eddy!
Theoretically using the pre-made guitar loops is great idea - you get to use all the notes at the correct pitches rather than up- or down-pitching a single sample which never sounds very 'real'. In practice, you go nuts trying to start the loop in the right place for the notes you want. (Or at least I do - I think I'm pretty much tone-deaf!).
Spot on! Excellent effects and a genuinely spooky atmosphere.
Surely the call from Capcom for the next Resident Evil will be any day now...
Thanks, Zodiac, you're a legend!  ;D
This actually works much better than I'd imagined!
I'm quite a Leonard Cohen fan so I didn't think this tune could take the dance music treatment - I'm happy to be proved wrong. Good vocals (very Depeche Mode) - and would be perfect if not for breathes caught by the mic - sorry to be picky!
Overall thumbs up, though.
Great - rocks in all the right ways!
I reckon the slow down works perfectly - what's good enough for Metallica, etc!
Strictly speaking this should probably go in the DNB/Breakbeat section as it is my Breaks remix of this rock tune, but I thought I'd try it out on those who go for the more guitar-orientated.
Feedback gratefully received.
Thanks, Eddy!  ;D Quite proud of this tune - although I often wonder if the 'laughter break' is really a good idea!
Great little tune - had to smile at the wonderful incongruity between the pretty, bouncy melody and frantic percussion!
Brutal! Sounds like a Sepultura remix done by Nine Inch Nails. Flushed my brain out nicely...