Not a Number - Through the Fire and the Flames ~HARDCORE REMIX~

Started by Not a Number, October 12, 2008, 09:42:34 AM

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Not a Number

Song name: Through the Fire and the Flames
File type (mp3, wav, etc): YouTube -> mp3
Length: 7:15
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
Well, I know of one person from here that's already seen it, but it's only fair that I share it with everyone else.
This took me roughly 12 hours total to do, spread over the course of 2 hours a night for 6 days (on average), the "guitar solo" alone taking 2 days to complete.
More notes are in the annotations, so make sure those are switched on for a running commentary of the song.
YouTube link >>
mp3 download link is in the video description. Enjoy.


This is certainly hardcore!

I`m bopping my head like a maniac...this is brilliant, I can see why it took you so long to complete, so complex, is this going to be on your album and are you going to post an MP3?

Wow, I have a sore neck now...
"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012

Not a Number

No, it won't be on the album. I guess I needed to make something different to motivate me to make the album. :P

(And there's a link to the mp3 in the Video description.)


hey nice to see a new tune from you!
this is mad! the melody is spot on... did not expect to hear this style from you!
extremely complex, top work, must have taken you a while!

Not a Number

It took the best part of a week to do.

Admittedly I kinda cheated, as I had to open up a MIDI file into FL Studio just to see the notes.


This is amazing, someone finally did it. I expected someday that someone would do some kind of japaneese happy hardcore remix of Dragonforce songs and you did it. It's my favourite from you so far, it's definitively gonna go in the Youtube TIMGUL vid or maybe even a mix if I change my mind, I'll try to process the song through filters to remove the clicks and crackling

Nice job on this, this must have been a lot of hard work. :)