Atmospheric-The Whale Tune**available for remixing**

Started by Irndemon, November 02, 2008, 12:29:51 AM

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Hello im a new member,and this is an ambient dnb/jungle track made on music 2000 [old grey station]
Probably my best sounding track. :)

mp3 download:


Mhmm I think I remember you from Youtube, I think I heard this song but I'm unsure. I like the beat in it, in overall the song really reminds me 147 crew stuff, just with different bass. Actually the bass reminds me Bass Launch tunes. Very well done

Welcome by the way :)


Thanks omnimaga :)Im working on another track at the moment that goes along the same lines as this one,Exept i have ripped a heavy 1 bar long break from a cd,which i have spliced up to give it the same intelligent jungle style beats as in this one.Theres a lot of tracks on here ive not heard yet.Lots of just listening to be getting on with :)


Quote from: 147 crew on November 14, 2008, 12:27:03 AM
Better than my stuff  :D

killa track

What?!... Nah! Although the sounds in this track work well together....There is not much to it really on the programming side.
Your tracks are damn good!!!! You seem to use the music 2000 software to a greater depth in terms of sound editing,The Nasty for example, Which is probably my favorite track made using music 2000.and i like your work with synths and layering,for example Stalker Reworkerd....Great tunes!!These two tracks are an inspiration.When it comes to dark soundscapes and BASS,Then yours is far better than my stuff  :D My plan from the start was to produce dark DnB, But i cant seem to create dark sounds anywhere near as good. I dont know how you do it!!!....But keep Doing It!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the comment!!!


147 crew

Well we definitely have different sounds, your percussion along with Seipher is hard to follow..listening to others just shows you what this 10yr old gem can produce. Lovin it  :D

Trail through the topics for Music Creation and that area, loads of good stuff..

This beat is crisp  8)

147 crew

I never know what i'm creating just start out something, its a joy to pick up the pad and mess about. Yeah making dark sounds is tough..even tougher through headphones which is what I have to suffer most of the time. Still to listen to yr latest tunes, (the ones I haven't commented already.) Definitely diggin yr Music.


This track is available for remixing should anyone like to give it a go.A list of the samples used to create it can be found in the topic started by JCW titled timgul instruments;topicseen#new
If you would like to remix one of my tracks,Please make sure that my name is credited in the title eg:

Irndemon-Track 1-[whoever remix]

mp3 download now available:


mtvmg2? love the vibe straight off, lovely flow, relaxed pace... love the bass line, im really floating away with this one, christ i need a smoke right now lol... pro stuff right here, highly recommended. once again, superb production. please tell me youre signed!? if not you should be, im already a massive fan.


I thought the same Pillage, Irndemon just came out of no where with these really pro sounding tunes (the usage of the Amen Break in some tunes is amazing) get signed bud.


Cool Thanks!! :D I make music very much for fun,I've never really given much thought to getting signed and releasing tracks,Although i do try to make my tracks to a high standard(doesn't always work though ;D)

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