S.o.S/Synth Assault Remix- Hard Style (Link to mp3)

Started by 147 crew, November 16, 2008, 01:43:40 AM

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147 crew

TITLE- Synth Assault (Hard Remix)
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Link for Facebook mp3
DESCRIPTION- After some helpful hints from irndemon and the amazing tracks being produced, I have managed to create something pretty hardcore. The Full tune,which is 10m. This is the original skin for the 10m mix of S.o.S and Synth Assault, reworked with Big beats/snares..lots of sub bass/synths. Added loads to it and made it a lot louder.  :D

mp3 is on Facebook only due to the length. First part is like a whole new tune then the original Synth Assault melody comes in. pretty mental

Link in signature

Made a unique video for this tune..6m mix


Yes Mate!!!!Synth Heavy Carnage!!!!Sounds proper....The beats are quite loud in this which is good,For me anyway coz im all about the drumz.Lovin the reverb on the beats,It worked absolute magic on the kick drum.In fact when you hear them Beats come in at the start they sound very much like the ones in one of my fave dnb tunes by ed rush&optical called alien girl..Proper sound Love It

Keep them drums nice and loud,Its a good sound!!!

147 crew

Yeah, thanks for the help with that. Will work more on creating big drums, add some more layers to the synths too. Sounding pretty good later on when the synth assault,(not included in this mp3,) melody comes in, totally scraped the wooden sample. Cheers for the comments  :D

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