Atmospheric-Ice Caves**available for remixing**

Started by Irndemon, November 24, 2008, 07:18:49 AM

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The fourth in the series....Intelligent breaks using tecniques from the previous three.The track drops at 5:13...Enjoy =)......Oh and don't get to cold! lol   


Mp3 Download Available:

147 crew

Really good tune, a lot of time and effort clearly went into producing this. Excellent  :D


Thanks!!I get ya,More for the mind i guess.Im gonna start a new one and the breaks are gonna go far far beyond synchopation with changing time signatures,buzz rolls,note repeat on the snares,rolling kiks,adjusted pitch to the hits,sample switching,volume and sample ofset over time adjustments etc....well i'll try.Its gonna be fun!!lol=D

I tried to post this comment on yt but it dissapeared when i refreshed the page.Why? so i copied it and pasted it here.

147 crew

yeah I have probs with comments on YT sometimes  ???

Sounds like its gonna be intense!! Look foward to it, I will back on the generator later on tonight. Which tune to do though? Lots of late nights ahead  :D



This track is available for remixing should anyone like to give it a go.A list of the samples used to create it can be found in the topic started by JCW titled timgul instruments;topicseen#new
If you would like to remix one of my tracks,Please make sure that my name is credited in the title eg:

Irndemon-Track 1-[whoever remix]

downloadable mp3 available:

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