Not a Number: Pheonix (TIMGUL Hypermix Edit)

Started by Not a Number, August 30, 2009, 06:24:17 PM

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Not a Number

Song name: Pheonix [TIMGUL Hypermix Edit]
File type: mp3 (MegaUpload) / YouTube
Length: 11:43
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
I don't want to sound... pretentious, but this could possibly be my heaviest/darkest/greatest_ever song created to date.. hard to think I only put a total of 8-10 hours into making it, huh? :P
This song carries a lot of inspiration from a few power/progressive metal songs.. Originally I was going to make this song a minute or so longer, but I was going to be adding this into DISC 02 of TIMGUL Hypermix 2009, and there was only 11:52 of the Mix left before it would be over 80 minutes (and I'd rather the Mix be able to fit onto just 1 CD)

Unfortunately, because the song is 26.8 MB in size, I'm unable to attach it to this post, which is why I've uploaded it to MegaUpload:

In case you're wondering, this entire song is in the key of Cm.. ..most of my songs have been in that lately and I don't know why. :P

I. Burn (00:00 - 01:45 [1:45])
II. Re-Ignite (01:45 - 10:07 [8:23])
III. Fly Away (10:07 - 11:43 [1:35])

Uploaded onto YouTube:

DJ Ryznup

Really like 'Burn', Nice piano solo, great melodies. Kinda has a dark and sad vibe too it, yet its relaxing at the same time. It made for a great Intro.

'Re-Ignite' has a nice beat and same great melodies from 'Burn', only sythesized this time accompanied by a heavy dark pad arrangement. Cool changeup at 07:40.

'Fly Away' had nice strings, though I thought they sounded a tad bit too loud in conparison with the rest of the song. But never the less, it was a good ending to the mix. This whole track sounds like it could have came off a cool game soundtrack from the Genesis and SNES era.

Great work.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

Not a Number

I know Fly Away is a little loud and I do agree that it could do with a little more work to it.
(the last-ish note was a slight error: I think it should've been just B, not Bb.)
That said, I do plan on re-working this track, just to fix the minor bugs (the odd note, the transition between Burn and Re-Ignite) and add to a few sections - yes, even at 11:43, it's not long enough. :P (I originally had to cut it down from, at a guess, 12:20 to 11:43 because it wouldn't fit on TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 Disc 02 otherwise.
From what I've planned for this, the "full" version could be around 13:30+.

But thanks for the comments so far. :)

.:DJ Droppin:.

As others have mentioned the intro on 'Burn' is a great start.
*Listens further*
Lots of emotion created here.... A real sense of "feel"
Nice piano work.

1:52 transition
Nice building synth, uptempo percussion and beat. It's ascending to something alright.
2:27 new melody.
Really progressing along nicely.... 4:44 change of octave/melody.
6:36 that dark feel has re-emerged into my mind......

9:43 melody kicks back in. 10:07 breakdown.... Dark sound again. Nice.
10:34 AMAZING strings have arrived. NICE touch here....

That was great. A rather colossal experience.
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