Holiday Competition Featuring Cold Storage (Submissions go here)

Started by .:DJ Droppin:., November 30, 2009, 03:54:30 AM

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Sacred Virgo

How cute Tim :)
This song could be a perfect soundtrack for a J-RPG game. while listening to this i can imagine children playing in the streets of a snowy little village placed on the top of a mountain (in every RPG you can find such a scenery ;)).
So sweetie, so cute.. are you too a fan of Nobuo Uematsu?

V Sinizter: MG Tyrant

I have a question. How about creating the WHOLE thing IN MTVMG/MG2000 and beefing it up OUTSIDE of the Generator? That's what I normally do anyway is compose and create the whole thing in the program and beef it up once the song is done.
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Not a Number

I'm in a similar boat: I actually record my vocals outside of Music 2000 since I run the program off an emulator (though I still use the official disc - it's just that my TV's only got one speaker whereas my computer has two)

Season 8

I doubt it dude, the base track has been made in a MUSIC related game, therefore it is within the realms of the competition, no one likes a shit sounding track so I doubt too much fuss would be made over it

Fear 2 Stop®

I would hope not, as I make my stuff sound spiffy with Adobe Audition. Otherwise, ALL of my instruments & sound effects are made with MG2 (and occasionally DHF). I just tweak the hell out of them in the sample editor.
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Season 8

I honestly don't see a problem in like tweaking sound like getting rid of crackling or making it sound "better", I mean everyone uses certain types of production in pretty much every song they make so to DQ anyone for that would be pointless as then everyones tunes would sound substandard or less cleaner and no one would bother making it. In my opinion if it's made in MUSIC and cleaned up with another program that's fair to me. But hey, I'm not the contest runner or anything, that's just once again, my opinion


If you take the final song out of MUSIC and then clean it up in say SoundForge or Audition then that's
fine. Sometimes you need to maximise/compress things a little. So this isn't a problem for the competition.
So long as all the sequencing is done in a MUSIC product, that's fine.

I've even known people to write 3 songs in MUSIC 2000 (due to sample memory restrictions in a PS1)
and then string them all together in a Sound Editor to make one long song. Again, this is fine... and
very ingenious!

At this stage, there would be nothing to gain from saying you HAVE to use internal samples only, or
that you have to sample and edit the sounds within the package. If you did, that's great, and feel
free to brag about it(!) If you sampled something into Audacity, tweaked it, and then imported it into
MTVMG2 then that's fine.

The main rule here is that an MUSIC/MTV product was used to sequence the song you submit.

Hope that clears it all up? If not, feel free to ask!

8 days to go! I will post a photo of the prizes here very soon - just going to dig one out later today. ;)
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Quote from: Sacred Virgo on December 08, 2009, 07:19:58 PM
So sweetie, so cute.. are you too a fan of Nobuo Uematsu?

I love the Final Fantasy scores... :)

I do have a soft spot for twee game music, or music that's originated from the Nintendo style.

Having said that, I'm not exclusively inspired by that one genre, I also love the more raw and
punchy Commodore 64 style too when it comes to old skool influences.
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Season 8

The legend Cold Storage himself! Pleasure to say Hi! *Cheap plug for my newbie not so good tunes* How are you?

Master Dutch

Well Im in the process of redoing an old christmas song thats full of samples so hopefully thats ok. This is so cool btw...Happy to see a contest on here...



I was just rummaging through some old sound files, and I came across a song I created for my Junior Schools 100 year anniversary back in 2001 which I thought I'd share with you guys.

The School Governors asked me to compose something that the kids could sing along to, and I was honoured to do it of course. What I've only just remembered is that I used MTVMG2 to write the track!

As it's a Welsh speaking school, there is also a Welsh version, and of course an intrumental version too. You'll notice good use of the that classic organ sound again in this track... in fact I think it sounds a bit Christmassy, hence posting it here and not elsewhere in the forum. ;)

We pressed a CD for each of the kids involved... it was a real buzz to go back to my primary school and meet the original teachers, who, remarkably were still very much live and not it too bad shape considering(!)

Anyhow, thought I'd share the fact that I have actually used the MUSIC products for something pretty important, and not just demos or riff building. For the tech-minded, there wasn't enough RAM to hold the vocals, so the music and vocals were mixed together using Cubase (if memory serves me correctly). The track was pretty much 'as-is' out of the PS2, maybe a hint of E.Q. and then final compression once the vocals were in. So MTVMG2 really did itself proud on that day. :D

Now, I REALLY DO need to take piccies of the prizes for this competition and post them here!!! Sorry for the tardiness. ;)


P.S. In reply to The Lyricist, not so bad... looking forward to Christmas! ;O)
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Keep up to date with the world of CoLD SToRAGE -

Casper AudioGhost

nice prizes-i really wish that a dex drive was a prize i want to be able to put all my mem card saves in my pc and share them with other mtv g/music 2000 users-but i can't get a credit card and i can't buy anything from ebay :( if only i could get someone to buy it and send it and let me pay them back with a money order-i will try to do this eventually as they are only like 20 bucks-i really think that if some else did remixes of my tracks with my melodies but with their tecnical wizardry and ideas it would be really cool,anyway good luck yall-my entry is just a tribute to the series and it's ability to give a common person a chance to live their dreams.i want to see the better tracks be honored  but  whatever happens cheers tim    casper
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Not a Number

..*wishes the batteries for his camera would hurry up charging so he can record his vocals*

Season 8

Excellent prizes Tim, are they like for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc or for the winner as a whole?

Sacred Virgo

Quote from: DarkBliss on December 07, 2009, 06:41:47 PM
By the way Spacekid, the sampling feature on M2K is very limited and using Audicity to implement your samples is fine by my book so I think your entry is completely valid.  ;)

What do you guys think?
i forgot to answer...i agree.


I'll make sure to go through the entries and check 'em all out, as well as showing Tim with a ungodly ammount of praise for being one of the factors that kept me in the music making game right after i'm done posting this.

I was struggling with an idea of what to do for the contest. I didn't want to do something sing-songy-christmas cheese that i'm sure that a lot of other entrants are going to be doing, and i didn't want to redo a christmas carol in (one of) my style(s). About an hour earlier, possibly less, i came up with a little idea as something to do for christmas; Write a peice of music, stick it on a number of CD's, sell them at school, and donate every last penny of it all to a charity of some kind. So, i get to work on a peice i'm calling "Million", and i notice about halfway through "hang on a minute, this sounds kinda winter-ish."; so i figured i'd submit it to the contest, too!

HOWEVER, I must stress, this is ONLY a demo so far. I plan for it to be a bit longer. But, hey, i figured i'd allow you to have a sneak peek at what i've got so far!

And holy sweet lord do i want the WipEout pure soundtrack. Like, you have no idea.
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Fear 2 Stop®

I'd like that too! I realized something though...I can't use Music 3000 or the sampler kit, as I'm in the US and isn't it region specific? In any case, I already have DHF :lol: which is the same thing!

J...that is a GREAT idea.
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Sacred Virgo

here is a song by JCW. i'm uploading it here on behalf of john, so this is HIS entry.

it is called "Grinch" (credits to danielle for the song title ;))