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Started by pillagemyvillage, February 16, 2008, 11:14:30 PM

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mtvmg2 marks out of ten?

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personally i love it, but i can see the flaws!
problems with playback, vertical scrolling and no world view!
but given the time you can achieve great results!  :lol:  


I couldn't post for some reasons  :blink:

But i gave 7/10.

-Good software with lot of samples
-Note filters (in replacement to the notes effects in MTVMG1 which were sometimes missed during playback)
-More channels
-More memory than the original

-Controls are bad and hard to get used to
-Some bugs  


oh your vote did register as 7!
hope theres no probs with it all! just wanted to see what people thought of all the programmes. and i love polls and there aint any on this site yet lol!


No problem with it :) I just didnt thought about starting one yet ^^


Ok so I just retried this and I would say if I could edit poll results I would give it a 8 instead of 7 now, or maybe 7.5 after trying it once again.

The software has more samples than Music 2000 and despite most of them are not very reliable, being mostly set of melodies, like if they were recorded riffs, some of the new ones are very awesome and when added into songs or edited they gives a lot more professionalism to the songs. Altough the sample sound quality is the same than Music 2000, there is more sound channels, multiple notes can be added in one slot inside riffs, making them easier to create. Also, like in Music 2000, reverb effect is Stereo and accessing the note parameters is as easy. However, there is some problems: First, sometimes the icons order in the menu (Riff editor, riff volume, clone riff, copy riff, etc.) changes when you press O while on a riff. For example the riff volume will be the second one on 2nd row, then next time you do this, Surprise! It's first! Then another time it's last in the row, lol. Secondly, the controls are very bad compared to Music 2000. You use a cursor that you move around the screen to select icons, riffs and options, and to scroll the screen you have to use the D-Pad. Basically the interface was designed as if it was for mouse use. Also, the controls aren't as customizable as Music 3000. In Music 3000 I have these two controls set on joysticks. Right joystick to scroll and left to move cursor. Not being able to change this as you want isn't very practical, as it is quite hard to both scroll and move cursor if both controls are on the same side of the controller. Also, the screen scrolls vertically, unlike Music 2000, where it scrolled horizontally. The bad part is that unlike in Music 3000 you cannot change it to scroll horizontally. On the song screen it isn't that bad, but getting used to the vertical riff editor takes a while to get used to, not to mention it is very hard to figure out on which octave you are. Also, it won't take long before sound memory gets full, and surprise! Now there seems to be a riff limit too! Altough this problem isn't as bad as it was in Music 2000, this can get annoying, because in MTVMG2 when the riff memory gets full while you edit one, the game will freeze! Basically, like with other softwares, save often!

What I found out is that it seems that you practically have to play both Music 2000 and 3000 to get used to MTV Music Generator 2. You have Music 2000 song making style, but with Music 3000 controls.

Note effects were removed in MTVMG2, but since they didn't worked pretty well in Music 2000 and since there is more sound channels it isn't much of a problem and you can easily create the effects yourself anyway.

Despite of its flaws I still like using this software, mainly because the features are still easily accessible. Memory limitations, despite still being here, are not as bad as in Music 2000 and allow better quality songs once you get used to the software.


nice review...
the 1 thing i hate most is the controls..!
it can take ages to move around just a couple of screens, like when you change a riff you have to always exit the screen with the tick in the top right hand corner or else you lose any changes. there is no short cut to this... it may only take 2 seconds but it does get frustrating when youve been making a track for the past 3 hours...
i like that mtvmg2 is 'bigger' than music 2000... but music 2000 has far superior controls and layout...
i hate not having a world view too...
oh well im still happier using mtvmg2 and i feel i have produced better music using it compared to music 2000... maybe i should post an old music 2000 tune and see the difference!


True, atm I am getting more used to MTVMG2. I'm sure giving it a full 8/10 now. Now I don't mind much the song editor scrolling vertically anymore but I still yet have to be used to the riff editor x.x. The problem is to copy/paste stuff. Since the screen height is much smaller than the screen width when you're pasting a huge chunk of a riff below it is hard to see where you're pasting it.

Also another thing I noticed is that it's hard to change riff volume. You need to drag up or down control points and there's no way to move them up/down by clicking some kind of + or - symbol to decrease/increase it by 1. It move so fast that it's near impossible to be accurate. At least they have a equalize both control points feature though.


I give it an 8 as well.


awesome amount of samples already in the game

i love the fact that you can customize your own sound using the samples, really gets the creative juices going! plus, the song becomes original and you own.  you can say "hey, i made ALL of this."

I love this prog, but i dont like the limitations.  I have the sampler kit and when you record voice (lets say a chorus or verse) it lasts about 8 bars and after that, you cant add anything else!

its good for short voice/samples though.  but if you want to make a song with original lyrics i suggest using another prog to add it on top of your beat.

i too dislike some of the glitches, like for example when you have too much percussion, you cant hear some of the hi hats.

other than that, its great...been using it for YEARS and YEARS now haha...maybe i'll give it an there an 8.5??? i dont remember   :-\


Well I gave it a 9 but pending between 8 and 9 by now  :D Because I thought of one glitch that nearly made me scream...I absolutely hate - you can't imgine how hard I hate - that riffs (no matter in which section) aren't played if you have too much of them in one area, like Ryce said with the percussion. I often have the problem with the melody riffs....nothing is as worse as not hearing the music you made  >:(

But I even see one glitch on pro side   :D Marking the start of a (long) sample pretty much at the end and overwriting this sample with a shorter one leads the sample to glitch very often and sometimes it sounds veeeerry interesting when glitched xD First time this happened to me in Music2000 and the sample made the melody sound so much nicer that I kept it that way. Bad thing on the other hand is, that (I think in MTVMG2) if you save a song with glitched samples and load it later (especially if you load it another day, so ps2 was switched out in meantime) the sample probably sounds different Oo

Another thing: Anyone of you ever came across the so called "ZOMBIE" riffs? Lol I thought that must be a bad joke when I first encountered it...happens every time I combine one song with another what I need to do in order to save memory space cause 2 songs take more space then the combination of two  ;) but seems as MTVMG2 doesn't like it....that must be the reason why some riff names change into "ZOMBIE" and get a black color...or you have any ideas about that or how to avoid because I even had the case that the "ZOMBIES" weren't filled with notes any more...just empty riffs...  ???
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oooh I didn't had the first one happen, I guess it's cuz I only use like maybe 10-12 riffs at once max, but i had the 2nd one happen in music 2000. This is annoying when doing sequences where the note offset gradually increases but it can gives nice effects sometimes

THe zombie one is strange tho, I guess it's because you don't have enough sound ram or something. I try to avoid combining songs because back then in Music 2000 I got lot of problems with crashes doing this