Light VS Dark- After TIMGUL

Started by 147 crew, February 26, 2008, 10:05:37 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- Light VS Dark
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Youtube link
DESCRIPTION- Was going to update my old tune Planet Majix but when I was playing around with it the samples just evolved into this..think I might have kept 1 hi-hat sample!? Haven't uploaded mp3 as I might condense it down and change around, not sure yet..


I see you went with the techno beat here :) nice song :)

147 crew

Cheers mate!! I can get em in stereo so i'm glad I saved this one, will put it up in mp3..HOORAY  :lol:  


cool beats... sounds prodigy like...
and there it is... BANG! havin it! ripping it up at the end! nice 1!


love the bass in this one... really cool... nice subs...
and then POW! awesome bass and a 4/4 beat... brilliant... awesome percussion too... one of my favs

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