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Started by Not a Number, March 17, 2010, 11:02:38 PM

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Not a Number

If you're wondering what happened to the other thread.. I moved that to the Trash bin. No point in showing a demo version.

Song name: Clockwork
Genre: Progressive Metal
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 7:28
Software used: Logic Pro 8

Remember when I said that Pheonix was my darkest track? This one just takes the darkness to a whole new level. :P

Originally came up with the intro melody on my guitar; since I knew what the notes were, I programmed them through the keyboard into Logic and just built it up from there.

Main inspiration behind the track as a whole was Tool, since I've really gotten into them recently, although the slight gothic element that this track has... no idea where that came from. :P

Must say, the guitar samples in Logic are, simply put, win. It's certainly the sound I'm looking for. Saying that though, I may just end up recording every sample form M2K and making sample patches of them into Logic.. of course, I'd need to get a Mac for myself if I want to use Logic at home (admittedly, I do find it a lot easier to make a track in Logic than I do M2K... I am considering getting a MacBook and switching to Logic Pro. :-\)


mp3 is in video description. :)

One last thing..actually no, I'll let you figure out what crazy time signature it's in. :D