Coordman: Relative Theory (Drum & Bass)

Started by Coordman, September 10, 2010, 03:43:17 AM

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And now, for something completely different...

This represents my one and, thus far, ONLY foray into drum and bass territory. The bass is heavy, harsh, and starts immediately. So if you have a subwoofer, watch the volume. I originally produced it for play in my then best friend's car, which sported a 20" sub.
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Wow loving that bass, astonished to believe that came out of Music 2000, Nicely done sound effects, good beat, I love the layout of your snares in many areas it's really cool :) .. Nice pads.

This is a great production, not too much all at once but sometimes less is more and this track shows that potential exceptionally, very clean and enjoyable.. I listened like 3 times :D

Good day :)

DJ Eddy

Very cool sub bass and that snare is wicked.
Im gonna have to hear this with a pumping sub.
I love dnb and this was awesome m8...u should definitly do more.

Master Dutch

yeah lovin that sub...This is great man. It reminds me of the old school Metalheads stuff. Definitely do more!


Excellent production - really pro sound. Reminds me of Metalheadz stuff as well, plus variety of other labels I was listening to back in '97/'98. (Still got some of that vinyl somewhere...)
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

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