Eternal Light-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, November 15, 2010, 11:31:16 PM

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DJ Eddy

A very dancey Happy Hardcore tune...made using Music 2002 for PC.
This is a really old melody i used a Happy Hardcore tune for Music 2000 on Playstation one, thought id finally re-do it for Music 2002.
Im pretty happy with this so let us know what u think plz..
Cheers.. ;D



Pianos :) the almost higher keys in the intro with the strings and then the chords very nice progression coming...synths now..
Blast off @ 0:52...great melody with the bringing the piano bk in , nice one mate.
Liking the beat @ 1:45. Awesome build-up @ 2:39 , I listen to songs of yours Eddy and the sounds you get is just amazing.
You know I'm not much of a fan of this stuff but I'm downloading the bad boy.
Well done man.


catchy melodies with da piano and chords, and very nice strings.  luv da bass work and synths (dat melody is stuck in head :)) ).  outstanding work eddy


Pure energy; great chords, bass, melody, theme. A really good 'head banger' of a song.