Claustrophobia In The Fire

Started by RSCONCEPTIONS©, February 22, 2011, 04:49:07 PM

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Here is my remix of Lava Reef Zone act 1 music from Sonic & Knuckles!

Not sure if it is finished or not...ideas?


Loading...(sorry to say I've never heard this before in my life) - Listening

Wow . Ok the beginning Rikki , I hope you don't mind me saying is like funfair music...but really cool dream sequence fun fair music.
Silence -
Ooo ok , the sort of blinky reverby thing with the very subtle pads - come the drums...very the relaxing.
A sort of glockenspiel melody over this bliss with a slight sprinkle of reverb.
Pause - (reverby blinky synth thing ? is still goin ) ...oh nice drums :) ...this is just so good....more reverby glockenspiel and a
touch of strings.
That was seriously amazing.

P.S What software do you use , Is it hard , And ow long does it take you to write your material ?


Thanks for your feedback Knowlesy :D

I can see what you mean by fun fair music.
That blinky reverb thing is supposed to be a harp :P

Thank you! I wasn't sure how it would be received since it is such a change from the original but I like how it has become a relaxed but tense piece... I like to think it reflects the claustrophobic, overwhelming-heat sense one might get if one was Sonic, running through the Lava Reef Zone.

I use FruityLoops Studio 9, and I find it easy but then I've given time to it. I did progress from Music 2000 straight to FruityLoops. It can take any amount of time, depending on the originality of the piece (in this case, it was a cover, so all the melodies were written), length, depth/simplicity, production requirement, arrangement preferences, what instruments/samples/synths you use.
You can hear the original here