Dreamscape-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, June 02, 2011, 03:48:17 PM

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DJ Eddy

A Happy Hardcore track made using Music 2002 slinky for PC.
Had this one for a while and thought id finish it..


I really like this (though Hardcore is not my usual bag) - very smiley happy tune!
Does remind me of a mad night I spent at Dreamscape at Shepton Mallet (in cow sheds!) - must have been 1997. They even had a room full of Playstations!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture



Really really like the piano (what I'm guessing is a piano) playing that really cool melody at the intro.
Very nice transition @ 0:20 with the choir pads...lovely big epic intro :) . Nice n smooth into 0:40 , really loving that melody.
WOAH @ 1:03 (didn't realise I had it up so loud lol) massive bass was shaking my speakers. I really love the overall synth sound you get (feel free to reply with the samples you use :) lol ) . Back into the piano @ 1:24. I really love the synth bass @ 1:44.
Breakdown @ 2:28...a variation of the intro with added synth action. 3:08 - bk into it big and bassy...the melody is just so catchy and uplifting...one of those that screams at you " get up and dance like an idiot ! " .
I can tell you one thing...I'll probably have this melody in my head for a while now.
Awesome as always m8.

DJ Eddy

hahah nice of u to be so nice....but after listening to ur tunes knowlesy this is a pile of shit.
I use choral, sizz lead but totaly mucked around with and whatever tickles my fancy cause its pretty god damn hard to get a good synth sound..

Fear 2 Stop®

...maybe be hard to do so, but you pulled it off. Love the beat and the chirpy little piano sound. Great panning, and the synth bass is excellent.
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