Time Is Irrelevant-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, June 02, 2011, 09:56:50 PM

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DJ Eddy

Had this track for ages and totally forgot about it until now..
Drum n Bass tune made using Music 2002 for PC.
Got some more of the cheesy vocal samples in it but not alot.


Has a kind of charming eccentricity to the vocals...  :D
Music is as good as ever though!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture



goddamn impressive! i really luv the bass, that catchy ass trumpet melody, and those sfx are out of this fuckin world. also, nice work on those vocals.  this track is a fuckin killer :).


Gotta piggy back off Z. That trumpet is the shit ! Plus the synth melody @ 1:32 is catchy as hell.
Excellent drumwork as to be expected from DJ Eddy track.
All in all another brilliant piece of work Eddy.

DJ Eddy

Thnx guys....like i said had this one on file for a while...lol
Was really my go a the trumpet sounds, pretty happy how it came out...
vocals are always cause i get bored to quick lol..

Fear 2 Stop®

Holy fuckfarts, that sounds wickedly evil. Opening is a *bit* abrupt, but in this case it works. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the low synth bass part. I want to rip this and use it in Gran Turismo 5 if possible....great work as always :)
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