Ship of Genes - DJ Gift (Funky Breaks/Breakbeat)

Started by ArcaneFuture, June 07, 2011, 06:41:15 PM

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My first TIMGUL exclusive track, but as space for uploads is limited on SoundCloud, not the last.
Still with my first album, so written in 1999.
Freaky, funky, up-and-downtempo number. Let me know if it catches your groove!
(Jeez, who writes this crap?)
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


First thing that strikes me is that bass...definately love the meat on it.
Listened to quite a few of your tracks here and on soundcloud and one thing that always stands it to me is your drum work.
Really nice work with drums and percussion here. Very groovy @ 1:05 onwards , the bass with the beat pattern and the guitar ? ...
think its a guitar with an effect on it. Really like the drumwork @ 2:11 alot of interesting percussion an fill work keeping the listener hooked at a breakdown segment.
Overall , definately funky and definately groovy. Nice work AF , keep it coming.


Thanks, man!
To be honest I simply can't remember exactly what samples I used for these early tracks. I was a bit of a cheapskate in retrospect, and used a bunch of Third Party memory cards when I realised how much room I needed and how much the official ones cost back then. Suffice to say every single one of them died and so I only have the tracks on CD.
I love programming intricate percussion patterns and generally every single fill and break is different. Consequently my tunes tend to take hours to write!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture


finally i found out wat genre this type of music falls under (i had a feeling it was breakbeat)... but anyways, awesome track arcane.  once again, u killed it wit that sick ass drum work...i hav no idea wat sound that is that comes in at 1:06, but whatever it is it sounds very damn impressive.   


Thanks, Zodiac!
Unfortunately, I have no idea what that sound is either! (See my response to Knowlesy above.)
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

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