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So I submitted my remix of Sonic 2's Hidden Palace Zone theme to OCRemix - after shortening it by editing some areas to fit OCRemix's size limits - and I recently heard back from them... they shot it down :( here is their review:

"Neat track to work with, and you have some good ideas, but right now the song isn't developed enough, with a lot of areas that are very sparse.  The overall interpretation on the melodies is low as well, I'd suggest focusing on those two areas first.  Production and sounds overall are ok, but they could honestly be better as well.  I'd suggest using our WIP forums to get some more feedback."

What do you guys think?

I have attached the edited version that I sent them.

Fear 2 Stop®

A little too much dead space at the beginning. I think it sounds pretty good, but one issue...there's plenty of low and hi-end, but nothing really in the mid-range. Sometimes I struggle with the same thing. But yeah, without that, it can make a mix sound hollow. 
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)

Sacred Virgo

hi rikki here's my opinion, i hope you understand that this is meant to be constructive criticism as i'm a huge fan of yours.

basically at OCR they're obsessed with: 1 production level 2 track development 3 track length. if you ask me the weakest points of your track are 2 and 3: the song is still a tad too long (for an OCR 'average' song) and it lacks in variety (a few new instruments should be introduced in the middle-ending section). my suggestions:
- 3'21" would be a terrific song start
- the rhythm should change a bit in the 2nd half, getting faster or more complex
- there's too much void space right now (for an OCR song)
- i like a lot the pizzicato strings and the arpeggio, while the main lead is a tad annoying to me

hope this helps, you deserve a place in OCR


Thank god for some feedback I can actually use! I appreciate everything you both have said as you have offered useful comments. I thought the feedback from OCR was very vague and ambiguous - either they could have offered better feedback or I am rubbish.

Thank you both.

Sacred, I think I am going to change up the song big time anyway. I got a bit carried away with the lentgh - in fact, the unedited version is even longer :O and I can see why the lead synth is annoying.
What do you mean by void space? If you mean what I think you mean, I cannot see much wrong with some areas of a track that do not have a lot going on - or am I missing something?

Thank you for your kind comments too, do I really deserve a place in OCR?

Sacred Virgo

you see, i'm a fan of OCR but i'm not the biggest fan of their point of view about what is most important in a song... i think that the idea behind the remix and the overall mood of a song are both far more important than production level, but they don't seem to think the same. as for lack of things going on (yep that's what i meant) it's ok for me, as i am quite a fan of ambient music, but it seems thay don't like it aswell. so i'm just trying to point you in some the OCR's direction if you know what i mean.
...and yeah you deserve it because you're fuckin good ;)


Don't even bother submitting your stuff to OCRemix unless youre ungodly talented (or if you're friends with one of the higher-ups), cause they will shoot you down in an instant after making you wait for weeks/months for an answer back.

I submitted some stuff from there as well and basically I got the same "DENIED" message back saying that either my remixed are "too generic" or "sound too close like the original".  I gave up after the third time, and just stick my shit in Newgrounds, hoping some famous flash artist sees my works and uses them for something.

Gonna listen to your song though, and let you know what i thought :P

EDIT: Ok so I listened to the whole thing and I would like to know what the F#%@ these guys are talking about when they say your track "isn't developed enough".  Seriously this piece of work is very well done.  A mellow tune keeping the classic drum sound for that nostalgic feel, while you have a good melody going on.

If I were you, I seriously wouldnt waste my time with these elitist pricks from OCRemix, you're better off uploading and showcasing your stuff somewhere else than trying to get on their site.


Gosh. Thanks CMG. I did wonder if that was the case. It does surprise me a bit considering that, according to a friend of mine, the recent album of Sonic 1 remixes sound little like the originals at all. By chance I read the bit that tells you what would be required of you if you want to be a judge and one of the things it said was (along these lines) that you must give meaningful, useful feedback. I feel the feedback I got was mostly useless, vague and meaningless.
You guys have offered far better feedback.
Thanks for your comments on the track. I may go back to newgrounds.

Fear 2 Stop®

Dumb question time...what's OCRemix?
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)


Lol f2s. It's a site for amateur musicians to upload their remixes of video game music, which will then get judged.