I Lost My Mind-DJ Eddy

Started by DJ Eddy, June 24, 2011, 01:39:20 PM

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DJ Eddy

I know i said i wasn't going to make any more and to be honest i didn't cause this is a old thing I was working on, I just sort of finished it. I got loads and loads of the stuff so if anyone has Music 2002 Club Edition and likes Happy Hardcore or Drum n Bass let me know and they can have loads of stuff I started but probably never going to finish. Which to me sort of seems a shame.

Anyway Its Happy Hardcore and made using Slinky and i really like this tune, probably one of my favs so i had to finish it.
Hope you enjoy, thnx...


OH!! this track is craaazzyy!!! nice work eddy...definitely had me moving to the beat.

.:DJ Droppin:.

Intro = Wild! Oh damn dude..... I usually do not like this sort of tempo, but this is pure energy in your face. I like the melody going with it. 1:09 transition to PIANO? .... O hmmm this will be interesting. Ahhh nice piano and flute? I think... Goes real well. Oooo the chanting next. Ya NICE touch with that. 1:52 nice voice sample cutting and bringing back the beat with what I would call a more typical vintage DJ Eddy melody. 2:20 very catchy really nice. 4:00 Love the panning of the synth/arp here a lot. Nice job.
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Really love the beat n bass work from intro onwards , its kinda like rave/breakbeat.
Sfx @ 1:06 are awesome...ZOMG that piano melody is brilliant Eddy and with the tints of the pads an flute is epic as hell.
Love the climax with the melody into transformed onto the synths. Really love that melody mate.
If you made this on PC ( & u don't mind ) can you send me this mate ?
Let me know.

DJ Eddy