Knowlesy00 ~ Two Beats

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], July 02, 2011, 09:42:00 PM

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The Muffin Man

First of lol , yeah the name. Its basically a skeleton demo where the idea is there. It was written around "Tartan Gangsta" period where Eddy n myself talked about maybe doing an colab E.P or album type thing. So this was written mainly with what Eddy may ( or may not ) do in mind. Basically , Eddy if you hear it , like it and want it I'll make it up for you. 


I'd say this is pretty mainstream...I'm no big rap fan , at least these days. But this one I listened back to get an idea of an name and straight from the intro I could imagine the " Jason Derulo " thing he half sings over ALL his tracks to let ppl know its him and then to chorus it was so...I could just hear someone singing in that weird auto-tune voice over maybe me...ZoDiaC might kill me...damn.

Fear 2 Stop®

Muffin Man is sounding good so far. Very interested in seeing where you take this. Auto-tune sounds good as well, although a few of the samples may need to be switched out. I think the synth bass that "chorusing" (the name of the sample)? I'd switch that out with a different sound. Leave the notes the same though.
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Mufin man... like the bass & how the big drums come in.

Auto Tune is sick!
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