Bass Portal- After TIMGUL

Started by 147 crew, June 14, 2008, 11:27:57 AM

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147 crew

TITLE- Bass Portal
AUTHOR- 147 Crew
DESCRIPTION- More Dnb with a power Bass line, was called Journey but Now its been cut short and revamped. Probably go back to this and extend.. 16 different samples

Uploaded video to go with mp3- Definitely need to sort this tune out after listening back..the start used to be the end but I changed it round, sort of out goes on into nothing really  ???

.:DJ Droppin:.

Very interesting use and technique with the bass on this song.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

147 crew

cheers for the listen, had this tune for a while..not doin much good locked in my playstation. Not really made many bass line tunes lately but thought this didn't sound too bad..hope interesting =  :D


wow lot of bass in this one. Nice percussion too :)


lovin the snare on this one... really fresh...
nice understated bass... the kind of tune to play before a monster such as world comm... you know give the crowd a breather..!

147 crew

Yeah i'm lovin Subs  :D snare is ultra gate, not used that 1 much before..might remix this tune into my NEW version of World Communication. Worth a laugh

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