How to change note pan?

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 19, 2008, 06:15:10 AM

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In Music 3000 in the riff editor if I hover the cursor on the note effect icon and click on it, it has more option than if I select a note and select edit note from the options, including note pan. However I don't know how to use it/change it, and I am wondering how I could do it if this option is really avaliable in Music 3000, because it would be useful if I want to have Stereo sound since note reverb seems Mono, unlike in MTVMG1 and 2 where it was Stereo. Thanks in advance


from what i can remember, to change the note pan you need to enter the sample editor screen where you can also find note effects, note volume envelope, note reverb etc...
i think you access this by clicking on the sample in the riff palete and then opening the sample editor...
one annoying thing about changing the note volume envelope in music 3000 is that when changing this, particually to a short envelope, the programme usually crashes!!  :'( 


ooh cool, thanks, this wasnt very evident at first since I am so used to applying effects to individual notes, not having to clone a sample to have one with different pan and another one with another effect and so on x.x. But it might be useful if I do another Music 3000 track and want to apply my stereo trick, since it seems to be the only way to have Stereo sound in Music 3000 from what I am seeing right now x.x