Exile AD - NEW mp3 Enhanced Bass- Unfinished

Started by 147 crew, May 01, 2008, 12:45:51 AM

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147 crew

AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- youtube link
DESCRIPTION- Loaded up another old skin, this time Exile2005 gets a makeover, much more pleasing on the ear with loads of BASS and a haunting melody

Edit- July.

Added some reverb to this tune and cut down the longer version that I had saved, enhanced the end BASS somewhat, will continue soon  :D



good to see you back... ive missed my daily dnb intake lol!
ok we have your trademark build up... im just waiting for the kick... got it!!!
this one has great background effects. maybe softer than your other tracks? i like how you vary your style... oh wait im getting that bass there... that is very cool!
nice grimey tune... i would be on the floor for this one (and if 'world communication' was mixed after i would stay there!)  :D

147 crew

Thanks for the coments as always  :D

I need my daily dnb intake too, thats why I have created around 9 new songs, haha..think the BASS at the start is a little on the big side, have an extended version too, this one was cut down to under 5 mins for conversion but will stick the full one on later, Going to try some crossover with my tunes when I get a chance, thanks again  :)


147 crew

cheers, percussion is starting to get better, loads of funky sounds..thanks lots!!  ;D



Had my earphones on listening to this full wack, when the beat kicked in it nearly blew my head off!

"Way Out" - new album made with Ableton Live- 2012


147 crew

Now includes reverb, sounding pretty good. Bass is very cool.. mp3 link



still loving that later part of the tune. from 3 mins on = fooking heavy.

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