The Machine REMIX (System overload)

Started by 147 crew, August 01, 2008, 10:56:13 PM

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147 crew

TITLE- The Machine REMIX (System Overload)
AUTHOR- 147 crew
FILETYPE- Youtube link
DESCRIPTION- Remix of the Machine, my latest creation..lots of info in the video..will add mp3 soon so hopefully the sound will be improved. It's not too bad though


wow one of my favourite from you. I love that melody, would be awesome in a UK hardcore song too or a remix of Machine with even more percussion. Great job :)

147 crew

Thanks a lot, I reckon one of my best. Trying hard to keep making decent tunes, this one the melody worked really well, spent time making it good but definitely lacking percussion, probably beef it up along with loads of my previous works..Not sure about every sample including reverb though  ??? Will add more and upload mp3..Should sound BIG!!!



already feeling this as one of your best, that bass is just awesome...
oh yes, def one of your best. loving how funky this one is. its not gritty, more of a happy vibe.
i agree with omni, this could remix as techno/trance easily. in fact i would love to have that bassline to remix myself!!
this is awesome. and then it gets better at the end with more percussion.
im in love with it 11/10!!

147 crew

Well thanks so much, glad you like it..the first version was slower, then Seipher said speed it up so I did..definitely got a feel good vibe to it..DARK BASS though. Would be happy to give you the bass notes for a remix..Lots of samples used, makes it interesting

11/10  :D


yeah def give me the bass notes!
i would like to slow it down and make a funky trance tune for a change. i would be well up for that!  :D

147 crew

SWEEET, I will stick em up later tonight as me game is in mid flow right now...

I don't know how i'll do it probably say if the paste note screen is say 12 blocks high and 16 wide. will make it simple as poss or if all else fails, take a picture and stick it up..I can do scale but part from that  ???

147 crew

Mp3 for this tune will be added shortly, along with the FULL 11minute mix of The Machine with the REMIX, mixed in suprisingly..The original version speeded up to 178bpm also..sounds pretty funky

FULL MIX will be added to FACEBOOK

FOR PillageMYVillage- Well i'll try to explain the notes, pretty simple really 2 bar melody so 8 it 4/4? (Techno beat)

2 different variants- For the BASS eg Sinebass one & Fazer 4 long notes starting in scale 5..

On the left of the paste note screen i'll use the 1 to 6 scale as the guide line-

1st. next to the 2,(on the darker bar.) this for 2 beats
2nd. next dark bar up,(along side the 4.) this for 2 beats
3rd. same as 2nd. this for 2 beats
4th. next dark bar up,(along side the 5.) this for 2 beats.

So basically notes played along the lines of the Black keys

The melody rhythm is along the same lines as the BASS, just instead of long notes they're individual notes. So for 1 bar there is 8 notes

It basically goes 8 notes

1st- scale 5
2nd- scale 4
3rd- scale 6
4th- scale 5
5th- scale 5
6th- scale 4
7th- scale 6
8th- scale 5

so yeah, hopefully that explains it..if not I will take pic and send it to you

Short sample of BASS and melody played individually, should make it easier  :D

Sample used on the VIDEO- if you want 'em


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