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Started by Seipher, September 03, 2008, 07:30:12 PM

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a bit different but still the samey from my usual stuff if that makes sense lol dont know if its quite finished yet.

let me know what you think.


Pretty nice. It started out with the feel of being in some cyberpunk world, like Blade Runner or Snatcher. Then as it picks up, it keeps with that feel with a good transition and breaks.
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thanks buddy, the intro has a bit of a dubstep influence. its quite a quiet tune but i do like the vibe i managed to make.

147 crew

Yeah the start is maybe the best i've heard yet!! Really good, more of that please  :D


love the percussion. god this tune has depth. that bassline is wicked!
loads of atmosphere in this, awesome job. nodding my head all the way through.


mhmm didn't hear that one. I love the bass in this, awesome chord progression, nice job :)


thanks guys i might sort this tune out a bit cause the structure is a bit all over the place at the start lol.


Ok, I might use this version anyway though for TIMGUL mix 6 because I'm probably gonna use the second part mostly since I may try to make a UK hardcore track with a melody with similar chord progression than the bass in there and put the tune right after yours

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