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                                               Residing from Southampton, UK,
                                 DJ Eddy has been a member of TIMGUL since 2010.

                    Where as he hasn't been on the scene as long as some, but his music
                 more than makes up for it! 'Rhythmic composer' is what I'd call him. An
              uptempo blend of club music, elements of DnB and Techno that you can dance
            to, or just jam away to. I would call him a master at producing, song structure, use
          of panning and reverb are superb. He is extraordinary at placing voice samples right       
        along with a devastating hook. His music quite often has a real "feeling good, vibrant"
      happy sound to it. His music is very catchy with melodies you want to hear again and again.
   When you listen to his music you quickly realize that he knows what he is doing. I honestly feel
  that he may be an underrated artist here on TIMGUL and hope he continues to pursue his musical
talents. He is a real good m8, friendly to all, encouraging leaving good, positive feedback for others.
He is a great addition to TIMGUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out his music Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So onto the music....
? ? ? ? ? ?

                                                                "Techno Ride"

                                                         "DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy"

                                                                "Eternal Light"

                      (Please check out these links and give some props. Post a comment.)
                                        Interested in more of DJ Eddy's Music?

                                              Check out his TIMGUL collection
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Hardcore / Re: I Lost My Mind-DJ Eddy
June 25, 2011, 04:00:51 PM
Intro = Wild! Oh damn dude..... I usually do not like this sort of tempo, but this is pure energy in your face. I like the melody going with it. 1:09 transition to PIANO? .... O hmmm this will be interesting. Ahhh nice piano and flute? I think... Goes real well. Oooo the chanting next. Ya NICE touch with that. 1:52 nice voice sample cutting and bringing back the beat with what I would call a more typical vintage DJ Eddy melody. 2:20 very catchy really nice. 4:00 Love the panning of the synth/arp here a lot. Nice job.
Ahhh yep hey I was right there during my first 5-6 tracks back in 2000-2001. I used this synth in an OLD song too. Nice cymbal/sample at 1:00. Hey you had panning figured out! Nice beat 1:18 with minimal synth. You've got the rhythm going. A little almost eerie or dark at 2:00 with the SFX high/low string too. Breakdown section 3:51 - 4:00 is nice. The cymbal crash to and transition back to the synth at 4:22 I liked. You did real well for your first track. You understood panning, fading strings/volume, and pretty good song structure.
1st, the artwork is AWESOME.

Very trippy! The screams are cool. Percussion really like the hat phased like that and snare as well. Can hear CMG's melodies playing along. Kind of remind me of a video game killing zombies n stuff.  :)
Holy psychedelic Turtle balls! A vicious attack of various, trippy synths is what I am experiencing(and I don't even do drugs!) It's just the music peeps. Nice little energized beat, it literally makes me wanna jump out of my chair and utter jibberish things in a Danish accent. Really love the little Electro melody/arp you got in the background(Kind of UBM)

Breakdown at 3:52. Very fancy piano work, Mr. Doherty. Nah really this is some class work. 4:29 bringing back the snare and bleeding in the pads, is done great. 4:52 transition just the little laser-type sound with piano seeming to softly fade into the crowd is enjoyable. Synths coming back, here comes the beat. Nice work.
Okay. It's back.... yep. Artist of the Month!!!! I have selected the artist and will work on the presentation as soon as I get some info from that person. I have a bit of downtime between working on my next album and I wanted to continue to show my dedication for TIMGUL. I already have the next two selected as well, so stay tuned!

Cheers :D
Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy
June 24, 2011, 08:54:40 AM
Wow.  :o How did I miss this track? Jeez. This is great! A wondrous merge of 2 entirely different styles, but they mesh together very well with this collab. The uptempo wave of energy DJ Eddy supplies with the catchy techno/dNb sound and the euphoric, chanting, guitar chuggs, piano mastery of Knowlesy. Things harmonize just right. u2 have a nice sound.
First let me say it's GREAT to see a new song from you! Okay.... So this is like some epic video game music right here. Nothing I've heard on a video game personally. The structure of the melodies, panning is just superb. It becomes quite catchy after a minute or so. The kick drum is very metal. The breakdown at 2:56 is so kick ass. I love the arp arrangement here. Then 3:15 it just goes to another level. It's like dueling synthesizers on stage! Honestly. Melodies are very professional throughout this period. The transition at 4:00 is great you kept some of the elements, but bled off some of the others. Definitely a GEM thanks for creating it!
I have been banning quite a few lately. I noticed some immediately have links in their signature, so I ban them. Others seem to show up a day later or so. And others will post some random nonsense with their links. I noticed a TON of bots IP's are from Utah(Found that odd) and yep many from The Philippines.
I am really sorry to hear this.. Maybe you're burned out a bit? It happens.... Somehow I've finished 3 albums now which are released and available.... and yeah at times I can't get anything going, but it finally happens. You're a tremendous producer, Eddy, and I hope you never quit for good. This goes for the rest of you too... Don't quit.... Even if you aren't active here, or anywhere, don't quit.... it's in your blood.
Thanks, Knowlesy m8. To achieve the cleanest sound possible with this program I have to add 4 main EQs, then tweak them individually. Next after I export the track I import it into Audacity. I further tweak the EQ again and save it. I created all the voice samples myself and this track took 9 hours over a 2 day span. Appreciate the kind comments.
Hey on the SoundCloud group can you please approve my "Searching for Life" track? Thanks.
Hey what a brilliant idea here to put our music on a different platform where there is more accessibility for others around the world to listen to. Although I have moved on and no longer use Music Generator/2000 I will post up some of my tracks. As an Admin on TIMGUL we always look for bigger and better things to not only improve the site, but to progress our music, see our artists/members thrive, and just maybe get signed on a label. Creating this group is a great step ahead.
Thanks man!

This song is currently ranked #12 out of 53,222 songs on Electronic Charts!
Introductions / Re: Hello there
June 07, 2011, 04:24:42 AM
Welcome to TIMGUL!
Non-MUSIC/MTVMG / The Bass Files(We are not Alone)
June 04, 2011, 04:08:13 PM
The Bass Files(We are Not Alone)                    The Bass Files(We are Not Alone)                    The Bass Files(We are Not Alone)                    The Bass Files(We are Not Alone)

My usual Slow, Sci-Fi Futuristic bass
Perhaps some of my finest work. Hypnotic, UFO melody and rhythm. Slow, deep, smooth bass.

I hope you all like it.

Made with VMS Virtual Music Studio
(c)2011 DJ Droppin
Non-MUSIC/MTVMG / Galactic X-Ploration(Electro mix)
June 04, 2011, 04:02:31 PM
Galactic Exploration(Electro Mix)                    Galactic Exploration(Electro Mix)                    Galactic Exploration(Electro Mix)                    Galactic Exploration(Electro Mix)

Uptempo, electro bass style track.
Lots of synths, outer space pads, Banging bass, complex layers.

I hope you all like it.

Made with VMS Virtual Music Studio
(c)2011 DJ Droppin
Dude... pretty much SPOT on.... brings back some memories where I used to play video games ALL the friggin time Lol
Techno/Trance / Re: Master Of Universe (Trance)
June 04, 2011, 03:47:50 PM
Welcome to TIMGUL!

Man awesome beat, this flows so well. Very well thought out composition here. To me it is kind of a rave/trance/techno mix of awesomeness.
SON OF A...  ... Holy pancakes  :o You are a 1 man band who needs to be signed.... People need to hear your sound, style, the emotion, the brilliance of melodies harmoniously playing along with exact precision. Seriously.... You are INCAPABLE of making poor music, or failing. Incredible.