Listening to every song, every genre....

Started by .:DJ Droppin:., March 02, 2009, 04:32:08 AM

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.:DJ Droppin:.

- I am going to try to listen to EVERY song in each category (Some date back to last January). I notice when I login I only look in the Techno/Trance or Ambient/Experimental sections and to be fair I want to hear EVERYTHING from all TIMGUL users. - So if you all see Last post by Bass Launch don't panic  :)
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wow that is gonna take a long while!!! still it will be worth it and you will unearth some gems!

Casper AudioGhost

cheers bass,you have hit several of my songs that have been hidden and i thank you
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Nice one Bass Launch! Some of my songs are pretty bass heavy, especially the recent ones.. you might enjoy that!

Sacred Virgo

that is a noble intention. i'm gonna try either. only the brave...!  8)

Not a Number

147 crew

WOAH! Good idea, I have a week off but I don't think that would be long enough. Should be a lot of fun!

I go for the mixes at first as there are normally loads of tracks i've missed, new members = new tunes. Been a lot of new members recently. Go TIMGUL.


lol it is very noble... i would love to have a com set up in my room so i could listen to unheard tracks when you do that mundane stuff like putting moisturiser on (lol), or gelling your hair, or changing the bed sheets, or hanging up clothes, or... smoking a big one... oh and getting a lecture from the wife.....

Fear 2 StopĀ®

Good deal! I've been trying to do the same thing myself and actually made a compilation cd for my wife & I to listen to while driving. I've probably uploaded enough of our (F2S) music to make a double disc, which is only appropriate as we have recorded enough to have our own box set lol
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Yeah it won't be easy. It really is just more time consuming than anything, but I feel it is only fair and my duty to do so. I mean we are all on here for the same reason, our love for creating music. I will start at "Unsorted" and then "Rock/Metal/Pop" working my way up finally to "House/Disco" ....

I'll be done sometime before Christmas  :D :D :D :D
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

DJ Ryznup

I think this is a cool ideal. If I tried to do this, it would take me over a year to listen to every song on here, lol.

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maybe you'll get an entry in the guinness book of records lol


I need to do that someday with the songs since this fall. I havent got time to listen to a lot x.x


Me too actually, I've stuck alot to D&B lately, and a little Techno. Should explore the field.


I'll prbly start with trance and hardcore first, though, since I was supposed to have done so for a while now, but then trouble happened everywhere x.x (and got busy IRL x.x )

On a side note I just noticed the board reached 10000 posts. I don't want to post a news though because I absolutely wanted to do the "IT'S OVER 9000!!!" thing :P

.:DJ Droppin:.

:D :D Guess what? I'm Back at it again! Giving it another go. Going to try to listen to 20-30 songs today and comment on them all.  :D Pure madness.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.


Anyone know how many songs are up in terms of numbers? people generally do a song per post but even ive posted multiple songs in one post. @ 10000 posts, would it be 10000 songs?
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this is the content of my own timgul music collection so far:

147 crew: 17 tracks
audioghost: 50+ tracks
bass launch: 60+ tracks
beoulve: 50+ tracks
blonde justice: 25 tracks
creatormusic & smates: 15 tracks
crimzon doom: 8 tracks
darkbliss: every song posted
dj omnimaga: 70+ tracks
dj ryznup: 9 tracks
fear2stop: every song posted here as attachments
gorex: 12 tracks
irndemon: about 25 tracks
j-vibe - j-machine: 28 tracks
jcw: 30+ tracks and WIPs
johnfluo: 14 tracks
john p - j-tech: about 15 tracks
jonnermj1: 20+ tracks
juliannachash: 8 tracks
koolassjoe: 8 tracks
mike cj : 7 tracks
nakamura: 30+ tracks
not a number: 20+ tracks and WIPs
pillage: 30+ tracks
quade: about 35 tracks
rikki: every song posted here as attachments
rycebeetz: about 15 tracks
spacekid: 70+ tracks
the lyricist: 11 tracks
tourqueglare: 8 tracks
v-sinizter: 6 tracks
weapons division: 10 tracks

plus several songs from members who posted no more than 5 songs. amazing isn't it?

Not a Number

Same (but with 20).
Though I guess with Re:spawned, I can see where the biggest chunk of my tracks are. :P