RPM Challenge 2010 Collab

Started by Not a Number, January 31, 2010, 12:16:05 AM

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Not a Number

As 01/02/2010 draws to the 24-hours-away mark, I fuigured now would would be a good time to gather up a little more interest from the other thread I posted a week or so back (I'll soon move that into the Contests section)

So, for those who missed the other thread:

The RPM Challenge is an annual event in which musicians are given 28 days - from 01/02 to 28/01 - to create a whole album from scratch - This is usually a minimum of 10 tracks or 35 minutes total, whichever comes first.

So, who's up for this?
I've already got interest from myself (of course :P) and Fear2Stop, who else is up for this?

Few ground rules regarding the collab:

1) All tracks MUST be produced between the dates of 01/02/2010 and 28/01/2010.

2) Submit your tracks in the RPM Challenge 2010 discussion thread that's in the Contests section. The higher the bitrate, the better; These will be burnt onto CD and sent off to RPM on 01/03/2010. If you're attaching various demos, then notify me of the final version via PM and/or through email (flappy DOT thirteen AT googlemail DOT com). Since I already have an account on RPM, I'll be uploading the tracks onto there, but you'll still own the rights to your respective tracks. :)

3) I don't know what RPM's official stance on creating songs based off ideas you had before that time, but let's just assume that if you thought up a melody and hadn't started making it into a song before the Challenge starts, that could count, but remakes/remixes.. probably not. In fact, to quote RPM's website itself: "All material must be previously unreleased, and we encourage you to write the material during February too." I think to be fair, I'll allow any melodies you thought up in January '10, provided you haven't put them into a track already. I'm afraid that won't count (as it happens, I've come up with a few melodies on my guitar but haven't done anything about them)

4) All tracks MUST be composed using MUSIC/MTVMG software. I request that when you do submit your track, you do specify what MTVMG software it was created in. External samples are allowed, provided they are mixed using MTVMG software.
4a) Although, if you do add anything outside of MTVMG (guitars, vocals), they can only be an accompaniment (I think that's the word); creating a song sans-melody, importing it into FL Studio and putting an FL-Studio-made synth over it doesn't count.

5) Meta-collabs (that is, "Artist A" ft. "Artist B" on one track) are encouraged, so if you want to make a track with someone else, then go for it. :)

Full details can be found here.

There doesn't HAVE to be a maximum of 10 songs for this disc, although I'd recommend keeping the whole thing limited to a total of 80 minutes just to keep it on one disc.

So, to quote a Mr. Jenkins: "LET'S DO THIS."

DJ Ryznup

Sounds interesting. I should be able to make a new a track or two next month hopefully.

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

Fear 2 Stop®

Just finished a new track! Awesome timing.
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.:DJ Droppin:.

I have been emotionally spent and drained lately due to various problems and my health too. I have quite a few WIP's on Ps1/MUSIC... I'm unsure how much I'll be able to work on creating this week I'm just spent and battling my vertigo(dizziness, lightheaded, loss of balance, sick) episode, which in turn makes everything more draining. This is a really neat idea however.
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Fear 2 Stop®

I'm going to be uploading a new song tommorrow probably. Dana & I are going to knock out a quick song tomorrow.
Fear 2 Stop are: Billy Castillo (me), Dana Castillo (my wife) Raymond Proseus (best friend)http://www.soundclick.com/fear2stop