A video game using TIMGUL songs

Started by DJ Omnimaga, October 22, 2008, 08:34:39 AM

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As some people might have noticed a week ago, I uploaded a song called "Superstar Hero" in the music creation sections and that song was a drastic change in musical genre compared to other music on this website. It was in fact intended to be used inside a game and my plan was to make one using RPG Maker 2003 using either a custom battle system or real-time action. However, since I needed to make sure such project was feasible in RPG Maker 2003 (this software was made for turn-based RPGs, not action-RPGs), this is why I haven't been as active on the forums and IRC in the past week. Finally I opted for an ARPG, due to it being slightly easier to do and requiring less pixel art skills, as a random battle system would have forced me to draw much bigger enemy sprites.

This project will be a co-Omnimaga-TIMGUL production. The game is currently being developped by me. Most graphics are also by myself, but there are others by Omnimaga staff and a smaller amount from the RPG Maker presets (all modified too). The entire soundtrack will be created using Music 2000 (A.K.A MTV Music Generator) for the Playstation. Almost all sound effects are being created with Music 2000 as well. Music will all be contributed by me and members from TIMGUL. As of now, my tracks as well as Beoulve's are used.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is a Youtube video showing the game intro:

As you might guess from the title and the logo the game is intended to be a little cheesy and cliché. The main character is in fact a super hero and he must save the world, going through hordes of enemies, altough, as you can see in the intro, he's in a little bit of a trouble since he has nothing to defend himself with. When the game starts the first thing you will want to do after the mountain part you're on collapses is to find a weapon upgrade so your attack power is no longer 0. In this game the leveling up system will be upgrade-based. You will be able to raise 3 stats: attack, defense and speed. Attack and defense goes from LV 0 to LV 10 and speed from LV 0 to LV 5. To raise them you must gain gold from enemies and buy upgrades at shops. The game will be a mix of Zelda, Megaman, Ys and such popular titles, far away in the future in a semi middle age and futuristic environment.

Updates will be posted here and songs on TIMGUL. When the game will be finished it will be uploaded at Omnimaga download section, all artists being credited obviously, and a link may be posted here as well.

Casper AudioGhost

this project is brilliant.omnimaga:)a great way to exploit the multimedia potential of the timgul composr as an entity.i wish you much success with this and would love to see thig progen gain attention and respect.terriuffic idea,good luck                                                 casper
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Not a Number

If you want, Omni; I can do some sprite work (being a spriter myself)

I'm by no means perfect, mind you. I'm not perfect with "100% custom" sprites, but edits I can do fine.
(as a sample, here's what I can do (as my latest WIP))


That is so f*ckin' awesome! And thanks for using my tracks! :D And I love the Superstar Hero theme so much!


BTW, I have made a LOT of different themes. Just let me know if there is something special you are after, and maybe I have got it.


Oh cool, I hope you post all your tracks soon :), I will check whenever I get some time. I need to finish my TIMGUL Rave Mix 5 though, this is the only remaining thing to do for TIMGUL 1st anniversary and Music Creation series 10th anniversary. I finished the tribute video for Youtube though. As for now I mostly use fast tracks in parts that mostly occurs outside or parts with intense actions and for darker parts with less enemies I use stuff like your tracks. For the temple at the bottom of the first village I will probably use a modified version of Unknown Truth From The Forbidden Lands. The first area song uses a small melody part that is similar to a part of Destiny Knight song. I make most of my songs as small as possible though, to keep the game file size as small as I can. Also I don't use covers of other songs from other video games nor copyrighted songs cover to keep the game as original as possible. I plan to make a Super Star Hero rendition of Cannon Rock for the credits section though

Fear 2 Stop®

Cool idea.

I have actually done a whole bunch of songs that are intended to sound like they belong on 8-bit or 16-bit games, so I can dig this pretty good.
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I've got a handful of ideas for BGM, though Julian's "02" "04" and "06" seem good enough for backing tracks.

(one idea I've got is creating a remix of .. should be fun with that 5/4 intro. :D)


I am sorry to say that the last progress done on this game dates back in December 2008 and that I finally lost interest, after running into a bunch of errors. Programming events in PC languages or game makers is definitively not my forte. After one year, I finally decided to release what I have, since it is pretty much discontinued, so you can play what I had anyway.

Quoted from file info page:
QuoteA never finished futuristic action-RPG made using RPG Maker 2003, featuring real-time battle engine. All music was made using MTV Music Generator softwares by DJ Omnimaga, Beoulve and Pillagemyvillage. All sound effects by DJ Omnimaga, same for the graphics (the char/enemy sprites were generated with Charas.EX). The project was cancelled Early 2009.

To level up you must earn gold to buy upgrades for your character (attack, defense and speed). Use the arrow keys to move, Enter or Space to attack and confirm, Esc to cancel or bring up the pause menu and F12 to go back to title screen without saving.

Download link: http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=482

NOTE: tested under Windows XP SP2 32 and the 64 Bit version of Windows 7: worked fine. I believe it should run on some old computers, such as a 500 MHz computer, but something newer is recommended since this game uses slightly more ressources than a regular RM2K3 game.

I am sorry for the people who actually looked forward to this x.x

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Out of curiosity, could the source code be released? Exactly what needs to be added to it? (note: I don't know any programming language, but it'd be interesting to know what would need to be added/fixed)


All you do is install a copy of RPG Maker 2003 on your computer, then in RM2K3 click Open to select project folder. The folder you must select is the same as where SSH is installed, then you can edit the game however you want. What needs to be added is maps, enemies and lot of stuff, as it won't get further than the 1st boss (well, you arrive in a town afterward, but it's incomplete). The bosses were what I was gonna have the most troubles with, since if I wanted larger ones, I would have got to code full of AI