1bowl 1spoon 1cup and 1round

Started by ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, May 14, 2011, 02:42:36 AM

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This song was inspired by my goofy ass friend EJ lol (he came up with the title by accident).  After I randomly threw the beat together, i connected some samples i recorded from youtube.  Anyways..Enjoy :)!!

Fear 2 Stop®

Holy crap this is awesome! When I first saw the title I misread it as 2 girls 1 cup lol

Love the opening groove...kinda Manson-ish in a way, but even better if that's possible. Which software in the series did you use, and what samples, BPM, and reverb?
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Nice sample work on the intro...WOWZA ! holy fucking eargasm batman...that bass or whatever it is just...its so good its not funny.
I love how its still got a really dark vibe to it, like its a dubstep production but its still Zodiac as fuck. I love that bass in this.
Do more stuff like Z...hands down one of my very faves from you.


lol thanx guys...glad u liked it.  @fear2stop- i used"mtv music generator 3: this is the remix".  i recorded the samples from different videos on youtube. 1 bowl was from a scene on the movie "ATL", 1 spoon was from a reaction video for 1 guy 2 spoons (i edited it in audacity so the guy says 1 spoon), 1 cup was from a 2 girls and 1 cup reaction video, "AAAAAAANNND" was from the "why so serious" joker scene on "Batman: The Dark Knight", and 1 round was from the movie "Doom"...then i mixed all together using audacity. i cant really remember the bpm and reverb.
Thanks again guys